Working 5 12's for the 1st year as a new this a good idea? - page 3

Hi guys future nurse here. When I graduate from nursing school I plan to work 5 12hr shifts a week for at least the 1st year to gain experience and hone my skills so that I can become a better... Read More

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    Where are you from manusko?

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    Quote from bubbly79
    Where are you from manusko?
    PA. Worked in Texas as RN. Going to North Carolina in a month.
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    Not only is working 60 hrs a week as a new grad not a good idea, it's completely impractical. That's twenty hours of overtime per week that your employer has to pay you time and a half for. It's all about the money and that just isn't going to happen. You'll spend a good deal of your first year on orientation and I don't know of anywhere that will give overtime to someone on orientation. After that, you're at the bottom of the totem pole and won't necessarily be working ANY 12 hours shifts. When I worked in the hospital, 12 hour shifts went to people with the most seniority first and new grads could easily be worked a mix of 8's, 12's and some 4's and working days, nights and evenings all in the same week. With the job market the way it is now, many new grads cannot find ANY jobs or can only find part-time work... going into nursing expecting to work 60 hrs a week is not realistic.
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    First, they won't let me work any extra as a new grad and second, I just finished 3 nights (12s) in a row and I am one whipped puppy. After I get off orientation, if I could get one extra shift a pay period, I could use the money, but I don't think you learn more working more hours. It is just plain experience that "hones" your skills. Believe me, 3 12s will be PLENTY
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    Plus you have to consider that not all places work 12 hour shifts.
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    That would be a *&^%$#@ terrible idea. I've never worked more than 3 12s in a week, and once scheduled myself for 5 night shifts in a row and by the end of it, I felt so brain dead that World War 3 could have started, and I would have had no idea. Don't burn yourself out like this. I didn't even start my RN to BSN program the first year because I felt so overwhelmed that it was all I could do just to make it to work and not cave from the anxiety and stress of being a new nurse.

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