Volunteer opportunities? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

  1. 0 Hi everyone, in July 2011 I graduated from an ADN program in a rural community and since then moved to Phoenix, Arizona. The market here seems to be quite saturated but I am interested in volunteering my nursing skills until I find employment. I am actively pursuing my BSN but still have approximately two semesters to go. Does anyone know of any outlets in which I can volunteer? Perhaps some volunteer work will enable me to network a bit while allowing me to stay fresh on my skills. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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    What about the Red Cross or local hospitals? Also, you might look into local low-income clinics. Best wishes!
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    I have volunteered at local homeless shelters in the winter, I do not know if you have those in Arizona, but there are always low income sites that need help or head start programs that need assistence. Also you could volunteer at a local school ( elementary through high school) helping out with their students. Most would enjoy someone to come in and help. Also how about local churches? Many of them have a parish nursing group that takes blood pressures at services or does a health fair. You may even have some opportunities to meet health care workers who could steer you to a job.
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    I volunteer a couple of days a month taking BP's at local nursing homes. Just make sure you have up to date malpractice insurance.
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    I worked in the Phoenix area for a year and a half. Didn't volunteer while there, but your best bet is to try volunteermatch.org. You may also try Maricopa County Health District, which runs the public hospital downtown and may also have volunteer opportunities in and around the area. There must be free clinics in the city, and perhaps also in rural or Native American lands. I'm looking at volunteering at the homeless clinic in the city I now live in. I also volunteered when I lived in Portland, Oregon. It was a great experience. Go for it!
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    Since you have been trained to give injections, how about volunteering to give flu shots at flu clinics? I was a volunteer EMT, First Aid and CPR instructor for numerous years. It made me feel even more wanting to help others. I also helped with teaching EMTs their skills in the skills lab. I loved it.
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    The neighborhood clinic takes RN's as volunteers. They are a Christian based group downtown Phoenix.

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    what about parish nursing, nursing through churches. go online and research it, it is quiet the "thing" these days and a very good help.
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    also any one know where a CNA could volunteer too. i have my Cna license but could not do lifting right now, so i like to keep my other skill current.

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