Udall (sp??) dialysis

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    Can someone please explain to me what exactly a Udall is? I'm assuming its where the dialysis machine is hooked up to the patient to filter the blood? I heard it in report today and I'm just not overly familiar with the term.

    Lordy petey sakes, I never knew you could learn so much in 3 wks......nursing SCHOOL was just the tip of the iceberg!

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    Hmm. I worked as a nurse tech and did an externship in dialysis and I never heard the phrase Udall. What was the context of the term?
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    UDall is a type of a Dialysis cath, usually temporary before the pt gets their fistula put in. it has one red tip for the arterial connection (to suck the blood to be filtered out) and the blue venous tip (to give the clean blood back to the pt) again this is usually temporary because it is for short term use, like my pt today in ARF had one...you know "just in case"...it's getting pulled in the AM.
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