UCSF - Critical Care/Trauma program staring Fall 09

  1. 0 Did someone go through this program or is going to start it this Fall? I would like to know more info about what to expect before, during and after this program.

    I confirmed my enrollement yesterday and can't wait to start the program. Just graduated with the BSN degree and can't find work, d/t so many new grads and very few spots available.

    Please share thoughts

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    Is this internal? I have been looking like crazy and leave no stone unturned but haven't heard of this...
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    This is a Master's program in Critical Care Trauma at UCSF that is listed as one of the specialties on their website. Here is the link: http://nurseweb.ucsf.edu/www/spec-cct.htm
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    Is this really a new program? I was considering on applying for Fall 2010.

    Any information?
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    I would also like any thoughts on this option from someone attending now. Anyone out there??? Am I correct in that this is a CNS role versus a NP role?

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