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Do you ever feel like you don't remember things about your patient and/or you're getting your patients confused with the other patients you have?? I feel like these other nurses know the answers to everything and have... Read More

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    Better to fumble through your papers than give the wrong info about a patient! Over time, you will learn what is important to keep forefront in your mind, and what you can write down to reference later if need be.

    One of the previous posters mentioned something about knowing room numbers but not patients' names. I once received a post-procedure report at the beginning of shift on a patient that was new to me. The reporting nurse gave a room number and started her report. I *almost* told her that wasn't my patient, but then asked the name. The name was correct, but the room number had changed from pre- to post-. Nothing bad happened, but I have since learned to never, ever learn room numbers only. When any healthcare worker calls or talks to me face-to-face (other nurses, pharmacists, transporters, dietary, etc.), I always ask names. Often, there is some paper shuffling to get the name.

    IMHO, going by room number only is the bad of the bad in nursing practice.

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    I really appreciate all of the input I've received. Thank you very much. I will take everything into consideration!

    I actually got a blank sheet of paper and started writing everything that was done throughout the day and what needs to be done. I told my preceptor about something we should have done but haven't yet. She was like, "Ohh yeahh!!" So I feel good about my newly-developed system of just writing it all down separately, not on the same report sheet to where everything ends up very cluttered and overwhelming. I'm more organized and therefore a little more likely to remember information. I just wish I had all the time in the world to actually go through patients' charts and write down all of the important things I need to know. I go straight from receiving report to chart checks to medications, etc.

    And yeah. I received a call about a room # but wrong patient. On my sheet, I highlight both the room # and the patient's name so it stands out more to me.
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    Quote from Sun0408
    Over time you will learn what is important and what others NEED to know. Until then maybe Esme12 will chime in and give you some links to her brain sheets. You are new, this happens to all of us
    Brain are a few that have been made for AN members....adapt them to what you need.

    mtpmedsurg.doc 1 patient float.doc‎
    5 pt. shift.doc‎
    report sheet.doc‎
    day sheet 2 doc.doc

    critical thinking flow sheet for nursing students
    student clinical report sheet for one patient
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    I stick post it notes on my report sheets and list new orders, abnormal labs.. Anything that happened that the next shift should be aware of.

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