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  1. Hello everyone-

    I am a new grad, 4th week on my orientation on a Step Down MICU. The ratio is 1:3 and currently I have had the 3 pts since 2 weeks ago. My preceptor has 1 pt and is still there to answer questions, etc.

    12 hrs dont seem enough to get everything done. 3 pts might not seem a lot, but being a step down icu some of these pts are very complex. Another thing is we do a lot of transfers and admits t/o the shift.

    We need to have the main charting [Assessment/POC] done by 9am, we start @ 6:30am. At 10, we need to chart on any new changes on our patients and do the same @ 2pm and 4pm. With all these charting and medications its hard to find the time to stay on top of things. Meds for the most part are 8am, 12pm, 2pm, 5pm, but some pts required constant prns, drips, etc.

    Apart from the above calling the MD/DOs, answering questions for families, preparing pts for procedures etc its just very busy. I know time management should come with time and experience, but it just feels so overwhelming at times.

    I would appreciate any advice, tips, words, anything you can to assist me and other new grads how to handle or better this issue.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm also a new grad, on my 5th week of orientation (6 weeks just isn't enough for new graduates, in my opinion). I'm on a medical-oncology unit working days (up to 5 patients) and evenings (up to 6 patients). I thought I was doing okay, until my newest preceptor spent 15 minutes after today's shift proving me otherwise. I'm also developing my time management skills, and just created a nurse's brain sheet to organize my day and thoughts (see attached file). I looked at a few others for ideas and guidance... I'm beta testing this one tomorrow, so I'll let you know if it helped me at all! Attachment 12550Attachment 12551
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    Get a good brain sheet and modify it so it suits your type of unit and patients.

    It might seem overwhelming right now but that feeling comes from the rush rush rush of day shift and all the people pulling you in all different directions. Are you able to switch to nights to develop your routine? Night shift is still busy but it's a different kind of busy.. There's less people around (including family members) which gives you more time to focus on actual nursing care.

    Good luck