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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am currently still in school for ADN in about 6 months to go until graduation and I have been starting to research possible new grad jobs. I know that most people have a preference of what they want to do when they graduate and my preference right now is public health nursing. I realize that it is not always possible to start out with what you want and I am ok with that and have been looking around at other potential starting points. After my first med/surg rotation I never thought I would want to do that but I realize beggars can't be choosers either so am willing to put my time in where I can gain the experience required while hopefully furthering my education. As I look around at areas that interest me such as public health, home health, or even correctional nursing the overwhelming response is "get your time in med/surg first", this leads me to believe that is the traditional starting spot for new grads. This leads me to the new grad dilemma, those positions in med/surg in the hospitals around this area also are stating you need to have 1-2 years professional nursing experience.... Any suggestions on where to look next or should I disregard the experience and apply anyway once I get to that point. Thanks for your input.
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  3. by   SionainnRN
    Most hospitals, at least in my area, have new grad positions. This allows NG with no experience to get an in on the floors. Take a look at hospitals career board, talk to your teachers to see if they have any suggestions. As a new grad I started in the Trauma ICU, so it's not all med/surg positions. Just take a good look at what the hospitals are offering. Usually they hire new grads twice a year. Good luck.
  4. by   M/B-RN
    I never wanted to do med/surg and thankfully I didn't have to. I'm sure that if I had run out of options I would have applied to a med/surg unit because it would have been useless to be an RN and not be working at all, but I waited around a few months after I got my license to see if I could get something I'd like and a job on OB was posted and I was fortunate to get it. There's no harm in trying!
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    Public health in most states requires a BSN, so you'll have to put that one on hold for awhile.

    Realistically, for most new grads, the best jobs are the ones they can get. Don't be picky unless you actually get two offers--because it's unlikely that you will. Good luck!
  6. by   fmxkrazyone
    A good suggestion that has worked for me and several people I know is to find a nurse to shadow whether it's someone you know or a friend of a friend or whoever. A shadow experience gets you in onto a floor to see if you like it, but usually gets you some time with the unit manager who is the one the usually does the hiring. It can also help you decide that it's not the kind of floor you want to work on, but I would definitely recommend at least 1 year with med-surg, the experience you will get is something you will take with you through your career and will benefit you in any specialty.
  7. by   MichiganRN13
    Thanks everyone for the advice, I haven't been working while in the program but have recently been in contact with someone about volunteering so hopefully that will help me out when I graduate and may lead to a per diem job while in school.
  8. by   proud nurse
    As a recent grad myself, I found that the best place to start looking is where you are doing your clinicals at. Then if you have any connections at all, try that. Also, like another poster said I believe public health nurse jobs require BSN.