Starting Nursing At I Too Late???

  1. Hello All,

    Im just starting nursing at 40 years old and Im wondering is this going to backfire on me in the long run???

    I only have about 20-25 yrs--if God spares life --to put in the field and most of the nurses that I am meeting that are my age have already been in the field for at least 20 yrs!!!! Is this a good thing or a bad thing

    Now, I should mention that I am a really "YOUNG" looking 40 y/o...People often mistake me for 25-27-- which I love by the way--who wouldnt ...but Im still worried about agism :uhoh21:.

    Im just starting a new floor and my co-workers are dying to know my age, of course Im not going to say....overall, I guess Im wondering is starting nursing this late in the game a good idea?????

    I welcome any thoughts on this :wink2:.
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  3. by   Sabby_NC
    My thoughts......... what is age apart from a set of numbers right LOL

    So do what ever is laid on your heart to do.

    My hubby is nearing the end of his first year in Nursing School and he is over 50yrs young and LOVING it.

    Remember all things are possible

    I wish you all the very best in your successful nursing career
  4. by   SunnyBeach_RN
    Thanks Sabby_NC,

    You're right! Age is just that...a set of NUMBERS !!!!

    Now that I have turned 40 Im starting to realize more and more that life is too short to be worried about things like this :angel2:...

    by the way my nickname is Sabby too! How neat it is to meet another Sabby .
  5. by   Sabby_NC
    Quote from SunnyBeach_RN
    Thanks Sabby_NC,

    You're right! Age is just that...a set of NUMBERS !!!!

    Now that I have turned 40 Im starting to realize more and more that life is too short to be worried about things like this :angel2:...

    by the way my nickname is Sabby too! How neat it is to meet another Sabby .
    Well this is just fabby.

    Nice to meet you too Sabby LOL

    Hubby's instructors said they like the mature aged students mixed with the youngun's as it keeps them some what grounded.

    He has never regretted walking away from a management position to do Nursing. His goal is to do Hospice Nursing too.

    Do let us know how things go for you
  6. by   SunnyBeach_RN
    I sure will Sabby_NC!!!
  7. by   CT Pixie
    Since I am a week from turning 39 (and 7wks from graduating LPN school) I have am probably a bit biased but I don't think 40 is too late to start, nor do I think 50 or 60 is!

    Think about it the way the government is we won't be able to "retire" and collect Social Security until I am 67 yrs old...if i want an "extra" $300 then I have to wait and start collecting at 70. Thats a good THIRY years of working for me/you! Nursing will always afford us a job. And when we are moving up in years, an office nurse job will be better on our "older" bodies than floor nursing.

    The one thing I was told by my instructor that will different between me and my younger classmates (most of which I could be their mother..uggh). when we are at full-fledged licensed nurses, techs, pts and docs will probably tend to think that I am a "seasoned" nurse with vast knowledge. I guess they tend to think that since I am older than the others, I must have many more years in nursing than the "youngins" do.

    Let me be sappy and cliche' and say, You are NEVER to old to follow your dreams. Don't let ANYONE ever tell you that you are too old to do something!

    I graduate in 7 wks. From there I am going right back to school again to finish up a few pre-reqs for RN school. I will be in my early 40's when i FINALLY get to my goal! Do I think thats too old?? No way!

    Best of luck from one "oldie but goodie" to another.
  8. by   SunnyBeach_RN
    You Rock CT Pixie!!!

    I liked what you said about the techs, pt's and doctors thinking we are seasoned Nurses!!! That is sooo true b/c as mature women we are bringing so much life experience into the field with us and there is also a certain flare (if you will) about us!

    I would venture to say that we are probably a little more skilled at handling a crisis versus a younging coming right in bright eyed and bushy tailed.....Now I know I may get some flack for saying that (believe me I KNOW NOT ALL YOUNGINGS ARE IMMATURE!!!) but us older women are coming in with more life lessons to draw from .

    Take care and Good Luck with the LPN-BSN Im rootin for ya

    P.s Since I made 40 two days ago--Im starting to buy into that new saying that "40" is the new "30"!!!! I truly believe it now when I look in the mirror
  9. by   pepperann35
    You are at a great age to start nursing!!! You have plenty of years ahead of you to enjoy this field! I am 42 and an LPN. I wan to go back and get my RN soon. Good luck! You will do just fine!
  10. by   SunnyBeach_RN
    Thanks Pepprann35--you guys are certainly making me feel better!
  11. by   CT Pixie
    I can only speak for myself but I can honestly say that I truly enjoy and love my 30's much more than my 20's! I am "established" so to speak. I have everything I ever wanted, great husband who's a wonderful dad to our two beautiful, intelligent daughters, a comfy home, plenty of food to eat, clothes on our backs, a great job and an even better one in 7 wks! I feel comfortable in my own skin now. I don't worry about who might be saying what about me. I am far past the high school antics. (although many in my class try to pull me into the drama that they create). My older daughter (sophmore in high school) is now my buddy/friend, she is old enough now to understand what I've been telling her for years now LOL. My little one (1st grade) and I are the best buds too! Its nice to ENJOY my children and its nice that they WANT to be with me! In my 20's I wasn't as self-assured and confident, worried about who was saying what blah blah blah. Worried about how people would perseive my parenting skills (I was 23 with the first and not married to my hubby at the time) now, I don't give a rats patooty what others think of how I am raising my kids..they are MY kids and I will raise them as I see fit.

    Here's to hoping that my 40's are even better than my 30's! Which in all honestly will probably be the case as I will FINALLY be doing (nursing) what I've wanted to do since I was a wee litle girl!!

    Happy belated birthday..rock on with your bad self!!
  12. by   Tweety
  13. by   Sabby_NC
    Quote from SunnyBeach_RN
    I sure will Sabby_NC!!!

  14. by   SunnyBeach_RN
    Good stuff CT Pixie,

    I guess its all in how we personally percieve things in life, either half empy or half full syndrome...Meaning, I could look at my age as a positive or negative...:innerconf....

    I choose positive!!!!!