Should I include veterinary experience/skills in a resume? Please Help Should I include veterinary experience/skills in a resume? Please Help | allnurses

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Should I include veterinary experience/skills in a resume? Please Help

  1. 1 Hello, I am a new licensed LPN II and trying to incorporate experience into my resume. I would like to start out on a med-surg floor. The question is I don't know if this information can help me or hurt me in being hired. I was a Vet-Tech (educated at Mississippi State University's Vet School) for 11 years, and am now a LPN upgrading to RN in the future. I have much hands on experience in surgery for large and small animal, plus in labor and delivery in large and small animal, including assisting my own cows and mares in difficult births on my farm. Also diagnostics, vaccines, IV's, pharmacology, etc. Should I add this information into my resume? Do hospitals/healthcare, frown on employee prospects coming from the Animal Health field. Would love to hear feedback from someone familiar with this area, resumes, human resources. Thank you
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    I would just make it clear that you know the difference between the two roles. People seemed to like that I had worked in an animal hospital when I went interviewing.
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    Use the skills/persona required of a vet tech that cross over to people nursing (keeping your cool under pressure; starting IVs and drawing blood; being on call for emergencies and responding to them, etc.).
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    You could mention specific tasks/concepts that overlap between the veterinary and medical fields--aseptic technique, customer service, active listening, dealing with people in crisis mode...
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    If it is recent work experience, yes, include it. Explain the procedures that you're comfortable with like someone else mentioned and how that relates to human nursing. I've known several people that have made the transition from animal nursing to people nursing.