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hello all. just readin different threads and wonderin what does the starting salary look like for a grad nurse? i live the in Atlanta area so any ball park figure will do. thanks!... Read More

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    what hospital in ornge county, ny gives you $32/hr?
    currently i live in harriman and commute to bronx, also $32/hr at montefiore hospital

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    Quote from MrsRNn2009
    Got a job at Children Hospital Orange County, Ca in the Cardiovascular ICU (peds) @ about $72,000/ year with a nice $6/hr night diff. My dream job

    just have to pass boards now
    Expect a pay cut now CA is broke........
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    I just accepted a job in at a Level I Trauma teaching hospital in the ICU. The base pay is $21.00 nights 3.50, weekends 2.00.

    I am also part of the New Grad Residency program, in which I can be working anywhere from days, to nights, to weekends, until my job starts in the ICU. I accepted nights.
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    Thanks for the information; but....what CITY and STATE are you referring to???
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    In CT I will be making 28.50/hr plus 5 dollars for a float nurse and 3.50 for the 11p-7a night shift. But the base pay is 28.50
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    Quote from smn2009

    Thanks for the information; but....what CITY and STATE are you referring to???
    Sorry! I'm in Kansas City, MO.
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    Quote from Ari RN

    New Grads start at $30.00.
    Again it depends on the location!

    I just graduated in NY and am looking for a job in peds, any suggestions? It seems pretty dead out here for new grads even though its the city.. its kind of strange, I didn't expect it to be this bad honestly :trc:
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    I'm in upstate NY, Albany area...
    Making 22.71 base rate, weeknight differential is 4.75, weekend night is 8.50.
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    around 30 n northern jersey
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    I start Tuesday and will be making $26 / hour in a doctors office/clinic in Texas.

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