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hello all. just readin different threads and wonderin what does the starting salary look like for a grad nurse? i live the in Atlanta area so any ball park figure will do. thanks!... Read More

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    Quote from HeartsOpenWide
    I just got hired at $29.40 which includes a $3.00 night diff. includes benefits. My friend who got hired in Dec said the union is fighting for higher wages for us to match sister hospitals and if they do not nurses inl four hospitals are going to walk. I was told by one of the nurses on CNA that our hospital has the lowest paid nurses in California. When I mentioned another hospital in the area that I know makes less she said "thats different" (this hospital I mentioned is considered the red headed step child by some; they are a for profit and there are always rumors of them going under) so maybe she means the lowest out of the healthcare system I got hired at, they have several of them throughout the state.

    The area of nursing makes a difference, another friend of my that graduated in December is a prison nurse and makes $85,000/year...thinking there must be some hazard pay in there..has to wear a stab vest and everything.

    There is no real range for new grad pay since each state has such drastically different costs of living. In my area of California (which is cheaper than big city areas) you can still can not get a half decent home for under 250,000 (fortunately my husband is a contractor so we can get away with looking at the least decent ones), my cousin in Michigan is looking at a house for $45, can not even buy a trailer in a trailer park for that here!
    Do you work for CHW also? just curious cuz it sounds like our hospital system I'm at St. B's in San Bernardino

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    I live in MD, I was quoted a job for 25.50/hour ($25/hour if in the Baltimore area), and was offered another job at 28.20 an hour to start, shortly after I will get bumped up to 29/hour, and on weekend evenings I get an extra 4+ an hour.

    These were both at skilled nursing facilities, however they are in different cities. The lower paying one was closer to the DC area, and the higher pay was closer to Annapolis.
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    Just took a Hospice job as an RN (yeah, they were willing to give me a chance even though I was a New Grad) for $21.50/hr. That's the catch, since I have no experience in Hospice I am starting at that rate. Usually Hospice RNs in this area make at least $28 - $30/hr.
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    I'm a new grad LPN and today on my interview I asked for 20 bucks an hour he told me that was too low and that I should atleast ask for 22/hr
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    I accepted a job at a LTC facility in spokane wa and my starting pay is 19.25/hr. At the hospitals are offering around 22.00/hour but no full time work. I am actual making more at the LTC facility because it is full time plus benefits. hopitals were only offering 48 hr/pp.
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    I'm in Virginia Beach, Virginia and they start new grads in the hospital @ $20/hour. $8 shift diff. for nights, so guess what--I'm working nights! Good thing I do well with late hours
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    i was offered around 26-28 per hour in per diem. does PRN job pays higher than the FT ones?
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    Quote from miss_smartie
    I'm in Virginia Beach, Virginia and they start new grads in the hospital @ $20/hour. $8 shift diff. for nights, so guess what--I'm working nights! Good thing I do well with late hours

    Are they still hiring new grads there in Virginia Beach? I've been trying to relocate back to the East coast with no avail. Any info would be GREATLY appreciated.
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    Hi EmilyLucille,
    I wouldn't recommend coming back here if you don't have a job lined up already. I was pretty lucky and found a position by networking with my nurse manager from the unit where I performed my internship/role transition hours at. Unfortunately, I was one of the exceptions in my class- we graduated in May from a local school and some of my classmates have yet to find jobs even now

    It seems to be the same situation like other parts of the country--- the hospitals need nurses, heck, my unit needs nurses, they are almost always short nurses on dayshift and have at least 1 float nurse working. The hospital system just won't pay to train new grads. Nearly all the local job postings ask for nurses with 1-2+ years of experience.

    Best of luck to you where you are though! :typing
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    Southern California Telemetry BSN grad $33/hr Per Diem in a 3 mos preceptorship program

    I am looking at some of the other posts below. Unbelievable how low pay range goes in other states!

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