Poll: Advice needed, which first job should i focus on?

  1. hi, i'm an 'old' new grad (june 2011) who has recently relocated to a city that has more opportunities for new grads. I'm a second degree RN who moved back to cleveland after 10 years in NYC (where the RN job market is REALLY bad).

    i have a few possible leads regarding jobs and i'm trying to decide which avenue to pursue and what will most likely eventually lead me to a hospital job in an acute setting.

    1. working at a Long Term Acute Care facility. (this is currently my focus)

    2. working in Long Term Care (is there any hope at all of moving on to an acute position after working in LTC? i know the stigma exists, but some hospitals must consider this decent first job experience?)

    3. trying to get a PCNA job in a large hospital, putting in my time there, networking like crazy and hoping it leads to an RN position eventually?....

    4. working as an IVF RN coordinator at a large fertility clinic in NYC (would i be able to move on to an acute hospital job after this type of work? or would i be stuck in IVF? perhaps it could lead to an OB/Gyn type job?...

    5. Home Health. (is it considered better or worse than LTC in terms of leading to a hospital position?)

    any input would be greatly appreciated!!

    these are also things i am in the process of completing in order to build my resume:
    * enrolled in a nursing refresher course to keep my knowledge/skills up
    * taking IV therapy certification course for LPN/RN
    * taking a 12-Lead EKG seminar
    * volunteering as a patient advocate at the cleveland clinic
  2. Poll: Which first job should i focus on?

    • Long Term Acute Care

      33.33% 2
    • Long Term Care

      0% 0
    • PCNA in a large hospital, networking at job and hope of leading to an RN position.

      0% 0
    • IVF coordinator in a large fertility clinic

      50.00% 3
    • Home Health

      33.33% 2
    6 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   advocate4us
    i have similar questions! all i can find is LTC and home care, is it really that bad to do either for 6 months - a year while you look/beg for work in a hospital?

    can we hear some success stories of people who worked in LTC and/or home health who eventually landed hospital jobs?
  5. by   not.done.yet
    Any RN experience is better than no RN experience. However, do not work as a PCA. You are licensed and are held to the standards of your license regardless of what level job you are holding. Therefore if things happen that as a PCA you are not able to address but as an RN you are expected to, you have just put yourself between a rock and a hard place.

    Best of luck. I have heard that Cleveland is a tough market.
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    What is your long term career goal? What type rotation did you enjoy the most?

    LTAC = 6-8 pts/shift general floor with ICU unit = 2-3; is most like acute care hospital will learn most skills and time management.
    SNF or LTC = 20-50 pts. Mix low and high acutty. TONS meds to pass. Develop relationships with residents. Learn time managment.
    IVF RN= 25 pts/day with high expectations; lots hand holding and tact needed. One specalty focus
    Home Health: 6-8 pts/day + charting/care coordination 1-2hrs. Can interrupt day for doctors appts, childs school play/teachers mtg

    Ask to shadow a nurse in each setting may make decision easier. Best wishes in route you take.
  7. by   cjr2619
    I would also like to know if LTC nurses have been successful in transitioning to an acute setting. I have not yet gotten into nursing school , however I know the job market is rough right now so I am trying to keep my options open. I know any job is better than no job. Can anyone who has successfully transitioned from LTC to an acute hospital please share their story and what you did? Thanks!