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An ode to the new nurse I work with....also known as what I want you to know. I see in new nurses what I felt in myself when I started nursing. Reality shock is real. It is scary. And it stinks. You have sleepless nights and... Read More

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    Thank you for writing this. I started working 3 weeks ago and I don't know if I'll be able to hold on for much longer. The shock of reality is real!

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    Wow thank you so much for this. I am a new grad and a new orientee on a busy med-surg floor. I cry everyday before work and everyday after. I work 3 hours sometimes past 730pm (our end time) and wake up at 545am to do it all again. This is very encouraging.
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    Thanks for this post! I graduated last may, started working in July, I float, I trained at our hospitals rehab facility first, then in Sept went to the hospital to train on the floor. They gave me 5 wks on a general med floor, 2 wks on an ortho floor & no training on a GI med-surg floor. I've been floating those floors up until census dropped in Jan, I kept getting called off, wasn't getting my hours, so they decided I should orient in the ER. I just got off orientation in the ER, they tried to only give me 2 wks but my preceptor fought for me & I got 4. I am just SOOO discouraged right now! I feel like I've been flopped around so much I can't get good at anything! Last two days in ER were pure hell, the nurse coming on was mean to me & I went to clock out but forgot something & came back in & heard her talking about how stupid I was! Anyway, I need some encouragement, I need to know I'm not crazy or stupid & this is a lot to take on in one freaking year!!!
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    I just graduated in December 2012, and passed my NCLEX in February 2013. I'll be starting orientation and my first job next week, and I'm pretty nervous. I'm hoping that I can push through the bad days, and be thankful for the good ones. I'm hoping that I have a wonderful preceptor that I'm comfortable with. This little ode really helped me to redirect my thinking and realize I'm not the only one who feels this way, and if millions of others made it, then so can I.

    Thank you

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