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Hey all. I'm trying to put together a list of hospitals that offer nurse residency programs for new graduates. Here is what I have so far, please add any hospitals that you know of.. Seton... Read More

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    Quote from genebart
    Why aren't all new grads trying to get into these programs?
    Seems to me a guaranteed job is exactly what most new grads need, right?
    Not all residencies are paid believe it or not. They also require a full time commitment which makes it very difficult to attain another part time job to earn some money.

    As if unpaid isn't ridiculous enough, UMDNJ require $4,500 to partake in their residency program! That's right.. YOU pay THEM $4,500 for the opportunity to do 6 month residency..

    The icing on the cake is that a job isn't guaranteed at the end of the residency program. Job availability is dependent on openings at the facility, which we all know have been slim to begin with.

    I've heard of nurses leaving residency programs a few months after beginning as soon as they receive job offers elsewhere for the sake of a guaranteed job.

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    My hospital has a 7 month nurse residency for new grads going into speciality units. GNs are hired into specific units by the nurse manager of that unit and then attend the residency program. Except for the SICU all residency position are open to and new grad RN regardless weather they are ADNs, BSNs or direct entry masters. The SICU only hires ADN grads. The units that offer the residency are SICU, MICU, ER, PICU, PACU, NICU, L&D. Those hired are required to sign a 2 year contract that doesn't start until AFTER the 7 month residency. Violation of the contract is a $15K pay off not prorated. It used to be 6K and prorated but so many left after the residency they increased it. Those who finish the residency are in huge demand in this regions hospitals. Some of the hospitals have even paid off the contract in order to hire them.
    Residents are full employees of the hospital and are paid at the new grad starting wage with the same benefits as everybody else.
    Spots in the residency are very competitive. I am on the interview committee for the SICU and we had 2 spots for the spring 2011 class and got about 40 qualified application and about that many more from unqualified people like those who graduated from BSN programs. We hired two of them. One a 19 year old female and the other a 39 year old male who is a former truck driver. Both had completed a summer internship in the unit and both had very strong ties to the community.
    16 other new grads were hired for the residency for the other units
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    Where is your RN residency program located?
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    I'm trying to use the link... but it says that doesn't work...
    Do u have another link beside this?

    Here is a list of hospital facilities that use Versant RN Residency Program:
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    Stanford University Hospital, Palo Alto, CA has a one year program. Also, childrens hosp at stanford.
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    Quote from lisahb13
    Where is your RN residency program located?
    Central Wisconsin.
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    Quote from Iryna
    Hi ! am looking for the RN residency program in seattle( WA) and area .. so far no success ... I am not gonna give up but slowly loosing my hope ... looks like many hospitals shut down that program( Evergreen Hospital , Northwest hospital) and other ones have limited space( UW Medicine , Providence ). Thinking to start looking outside of the state
    Hi Iryna
    Im living in WA also,i could say in new here so looking forword to take this opportunity but i know not much,could you please contract me at
    Thank you.
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    Hi anyone know detail about nursing inturnship program in Seattle,WA?
    please let me know and share some expercience
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    So which hospital or area i could directly contract within Seattle,Washington?
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    Hey all,

    I saw this mentioned before but noone really seemed to comment, nor research. I looked into and its legitimate. I found a ton of useful programs on the site. I have been literally scouring the web for certain programs and couldn't find much. This site really does help for all you future RN's out there.

    Good luck,

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