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I graduated Aug 19 and have had 3 interviews with 3 job offers (the third came today). I'm having a very difficult time deciding between 2. I know there have been a lot of these questions lately, but... Read More

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    Thanks so much, everyone! I'm leaning towards the job at the larger hospital because of the opportunities I will have after my initial 18 months, but it will be very difficult to turn down the ED right now. I will update and thanks again.
  2. by   NeoPediRN
    I commute 1 hour each way to work in a small community hospital in the ED. I'm working 9p-9a. I also live in New England and have never lived closer than 40 minutes to any job (I work at 4 hospitals). That said, it's soooooo worth it to me. I LOVE ER nursing, love my coworkers, love it all. Working a distance from home does take preparation, though. I have an AWD car and if I have to work on a day that a snowstorm is supposed to hit then I sleep at work. It's really up to you whether or not you feel you can make it work.
  3. by   tojal1989
    I would take the first. Personally I despise driving, even worse in the snow. Though it's not exactly what you want, you will still learn a great deal. 18 months will fly by and if you transfer (you could end up loving it), you'll know all the tricks and info needed to be a pro.
  4. by   TheSquire
    If you want the ED, go for the ED job and move if you have to. It's a completely different type of nursing than what happens up on the floor, and the experience transfers well should you decide to look elsewhere.
  5. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I have the same commute and we have tough winters here as well. Something to think about. If you are worried about the drive and commute. See if there is a way you can get your 3 12's scheduled in a row and stay in a hotel for 2 of the nights so you are only commuting on day 1 and 3. You can find nice inexpensive hotels and it would probably come close to evening out on the gas you will save.

    If I didn't land the job I did which is at a hospital I wanted, I was going to have to maybe face a really tough commute. But I had a connection at the hospital and was guaranteed a job. Problem was it's up a mountain in a very big tourist mountain town. It's one road in and one road out and single lane. So in the winters I would be looking at one hellish commute. If I would have had to go this route I would have done what I just suggested. For now though the hospital I work at is 35-40 min drive on mostly hwy and freeway which they are pretty good at plowing. I always leave an hr early though to be safe and it's saved my butt a few times when there was an accident on the road.

    Me personally if I had to chose between the 2, I would go to the ED. But I really love the environment of the ED and GI is probably the worst place you can stick me. LOL Granted, if that was the only job I was offered I would have taken it with a big smile on my face.
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    ED/ICU is where I want to be too, but sadly where I lived I havent even gotten an interview yet.

    I would pick bigger hospital and ask to be floated to ED every once in a while so you'll still get the ED experience. I would rather be in a bigger hospital, closer to home, and not worry about the winter weather. Also bigger hospital means more diverse patients=more experience and more opportunities once your 18months is over.