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  1. 0 So here's the thing, I came to the US from the Philippines without any working experience as a Nurse (fresh graduate). I'm taking NCLEX in a few weeks and assuming that I pass, will I get a job without any experience? I was referred by one Physician for a job offering in the Oncology Dept., I'm scared to call back because I have no experience in that particular field. Do all new nurses get training when they get hired?

    Thoughts anyone?
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    Don't be scared go for it, you never know what they may say. Yes, they will cross train you on the job position and how they do things. You have to start some where! Be encourage and go for what you want, have faith! Goodluck!
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    I wouldn't worry, everyone's started with no experience at some point!
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    Yes, all new nurses get some form of training... experienced nurses do, too, when they start a new job. Can you get a job without experience? In this economy, that depends on a lot of things. There are some areas of the country where new grads are having a really hard time and other areas where there are more jobs. If you have connections, use them!
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    Thanks guys! I took Nclex today and it shut off at 75 I'm only sure of 10 answers. I did the PVT and got a good pop up!
    Assuming that I pass, I'll go job hunting next week, I'm hoping to get into a Hospital Downtown Chicago!

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