New lpn grad, starting in urgent care?

  1. 0 Okay so I am a new LPN grad and I have yet to worK. I did a few per diem shifts at a Assisted Living facility but that is it. I went on an interview today and they offered me a job working in the Urgent Care center, 3d/week, 12 hour shifts. I am soo exrtemely nervous! I need to know if I should be going into this type of field as a new grad or is it going to be too over whelming? Should I Just stick to the Assisted Living for now? HELPpPpP?!?!?
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    It sounds like an exciting opportunity for you. Don't be so anxious. They (employer) know the limitations of your scope of practice & the fact that you are a new grad. They should provide you with close supervision until you are competent & confident enough to work more independently. Because of your scope of practice, you will always have a qualified RN or physician as an immediate clinical supervisor. Because it is an urgent care center, they will rapidly transfer any patients experiencing truly serious or life-threatening situations. Mostly, you will be tending to cuts, bruises, N/V, dizzyness, etc. . nothing you can't learn to handle.
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    Just do it! The best way to learn is to just take a leap. The above comment is correct, nothing you cannot handle.

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