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    I am a new grad. I was recently offered an internship position on a med surg floor. There is no contract related to this job. After being offered the job, we found out that there is a possibility that my husband's job will be transferred in September (meaning I would have worked in my job for only four months). So do I take the job knowing that my husband's transfer is a possibility? Or not take the job and risk having no experience and no job in September? Thanks for your input!
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    Key word possibility. Start your internship, as long as there are no strings attached, and get going in your new career .
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    take the job, you can do it now so only worry about now! you have no idea what the future holds... september is not tomorrow. gl!
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    Take the job, you never know what will happen.
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    Take the job. What if he doesn't get transferred?
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    And if he does get transferred, you could still stay behind and keep working until you have landed a job in the new location.

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