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I am having my preceptorship at a local hosptial and I really like the staff but I am worried about the Nurse to Patient Ratio. They are a busy Telemetry floor with a pretty high accuty of patients and the RNs usually have 6 or... Read More

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    in one word, hospital nurse-patient ratios SUCK.

    I don't see it getting better in this economy.

    Keep your chin up.. Remember, hospital jobs are NOT the only jobs for nurses.

    Diane, RN

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    I think 6 patients during a day or evening is too much,on nights it is a different story..I work on a telemetry floor and I'm orienting on days (will be working evenings though) as of right now and from my observations my preceptor usually has only four or five patients and she did mentioned that having five patients is really pushing the buttons and a lot of work.

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