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Today is my day off after working three days in a row. However, my eyes popped open at 0530 and would not close again. My brain immediately went into review mode. Shoot! I forgot to give that detail in report! Did I do... Read More

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    Always remember: Every nurse was once a new graduate, and every preceptor was once a novice. One does not acquire greatness in nursing care of patients through osmosis of years only; if that was the case, EVERY nurse would eventually become a great nurse. Rather, one who brings the necessary characteristic of caring of people is ALREADY great; nursing is just the practice through which that characteristic is fully deployed. Your underlying reasons for your angst demonstrate that you care about your patients; thus, you are already great. Be patient, your nursing practice will catch up to you. (From a RN over 15 years)
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    OMG Thank you so much for writing this article. I graduated nursing school in October, passed my NCLEX in December and am starting in a New Grad RN program in the ED in March. It's been a whirlwind of events and I'm still trying to grasp that I am a licensed nurse with a job! I was expecting to be searching for a job for months and months. I basically got lucky with the timing. Applied online, and then saw them at a career fair where I was able to give them my resume and ask them to look for my application. I got a call a week later to come in for an interview. Anyways, since I passed the NCLEX, went through the interview process, and was offered this job- I've been FREAKING OUT. Everything you talked about in your article I've been worrying about. But I haven't even started the job! One of my professors once talked about a syndrome New Grad's have: "Imposter Syndrome" We feel like we don't belong and are posing for something that we're not. I definitely feel like that. I worked as a server through nursing school and I sometimes had "serving nightmares" where I would wake up and wonder if I forgot to bring one of my tables a refill or if I forgot to put in an order. Those nightmares are the worst and it's only food service!! I can only imagine how they'll play out when work starts. I so appreciate you're transparent honesty, it gives me courage to go into this New Grad Program not afraid to ask all the questions I need to ask to be confident in my abilities. You sound like an awesome nurse btw!!! Thank you so much!!!
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    If your going to survive in this profession make sure you learn how to prioritize. Do the best you can to keep your pt's safe. Use your nursing judgement and always be slightly paranoid.

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    I could have written this myself! I feel EXACTLY the same way! The anxiety is killer and I truly feel I am by biggest critic and ultimately my biggest enemy. I am glad I am not alone with these feelings. I have terrible post-shift anxiety ("omg, did I chart that?" "should I have done this?" "Did I give that med" etc) It drives me crazy...or should I say, I drive me crazy!?

    I hope the anxieties go away somewhat, because I feel that they are so prominent in my head that I am unable to think properly. And of course being in the right mind-set is necessary for our jobs so we can properly care for our patients!

    As bad as I feel for you after reading this, this really did make me feel better and I hope you feel better too knowing from all these responses that you are not alone! All the best
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    WOW! Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment! Just reading them has made me feel so much better. It really does help to know that my feelings are not that unusual in the grand scheme of things!
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    Quote from danigold
    WOW! Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment! Just reading them has made me feel so much better. It really does help to know that my feelings are not that unusual in the grand scheme of things!
    You definitely strike a chord in me and, I imagine, in most new nurses. My program was unique in that we had a clinical coach that we would work full shifts with all year. I was taking on full care of only 3 of her 4 patients on a step down cardiac unit and became really overwhelmed. I straight up told her, "maybe I'm just not cut out for this". She responded by saying, "no one really is. The demands are unreasonable for any one person, and even after 28 years I still struggle at times to keep up with everything." The takeaways were that we can only do our best, reach out for help when we need it, and that YES this is an incredibly difficult but rewarding job!
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    One of the best articles I've read on here in a long time. Good job!!

    I'm a new grad in month 4 of my 6 month ICU orientation, and dreading the day I lose the safety net of my preceptor.
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    Wow, It was like the little voice in my head jumped out and wrote this article. I to am in constant motion of thoughts and worrying. And I too was one of the top of my class and have OCD, everything in it's place and a place for everything. Every "i" dotted and "t" crossed. Sometimes it just seems impossible to do that. I'm at 4 months now in, and my doctor has suggested Prozac. LOL. At least something to help me get through this first year! Good Luck, keep your head up and I'm sure you are doing great, as I hope I am.
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    I'm getting ready to start my first job and everything you mentioned is going through my head....... Thanks for making me realize I'm not alone!
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    Love the article! Im a new nurse as well and I just started my first job. Im currently still on orientation and after every shift Im scared I made a mistake or that my coworkers think I'm an incompetent. It really is nice to know that Im not alone and these feeling are normal. Good luck to everyone! and heres hoping the feeling of confidence soon replaces the feeling of worry.

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