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New Grad - Offered Nursing Home Position but want to work in hospital, advice? - page 3

Hello, I will be graduating from RN school in 2 weeks. For the past month I have sent out applications EVERYWHERE (well primarily hospitals in the area anyway) and so far have gotten the "thanks,... Read More

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    Quote from tyrion stark
    oh man i would take it in a heartbeat.

    i can't get into a hospital, much less a ltc center that doesn't have a hire/fire reputation for its nurses. i mean, i could take the job that most nurses last 4 months before they get fired. but i don't want to have a job where i got fired from on my resume or pop up on the background search.

    as long as it doesn't have a bad rep. i would be so down. and I'm almost 1 yr out of school.
    Don't mind me. Tyrion last name is Lannister right?. I watch Game of Thrones. Okay back to the regularly scheduled forum...
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    Quote from circularstaircase
    Electronic charting
    Clean facility; the patients seem to like it there

    Since it is a small facility it would just be me and one other nurse (LPN) who would be working on the 3-11 shift; I guess what I'm concerned about is that I would be the only licensed RN present during these hours. If an emergency occurs, am I correct in assuming that the RN present in the building is then responsible? While I do have two years working experience as an LPN, I worked at a doctors office so it's obviously totally different. I've never done LTC.

    What do you guys think? Should I still just take it even though I will be the only RN at the facility during those hours? I guess I'm just a little concerned about the fact I have no one to go to if I need help :/ They said they are always available by phone, but still....
    *** The electronic charting may well be a con not a pro. It depends on what program they use. There are many, I would say most, programs out there that are terrable and very slow & time consuming. With many programs I have used I would very happily go back to paper.
    Yes as the on site RN you would be responsible. That's the say it is. It's why they have an RN there.
    If a hospital job is not available as you have indicated before I would take this job in a heart beat.
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    hi everyone! @circularstaircase i just want to know. did u take the job? i'm sort of in the same situation. i have an offer to work at a nursing home but i really REALLY want to work in a hospital. i have sent alot of applications to different dept of different hospitals but still got no response after a month. i worry that if i get the job offer and start working at the nursing home i might get a call from the hospitals i applied at. arghhh! i really can't decide on what to do right now! >.<
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    Hello msrn1012...sorry for the late reply! You probably already made up your mind on what you are doing, but I'll give my 2 cents anyway

    I actually wound up taking the nursing home position and *gasp* offered a hospital med-surg job 2 1/2 months later! I say go for it! I was only there for a short amount of time but I am still amazed at how much I learned. I really feel as though my brief stint there really helped me learn how to prioritize/how to handle emergencies/etc. I think my experience in LTC helped land me a job as well. If you have any other specific questions don't be afraid to ask! Good luck and let me know what you end up doing!