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Hi everyone, Desperate New Grad here looking for a job anywhere in the country! Do you know anywhere that's hiring new grads? I graduated Dec, 2010 and I am hoping to do a new internship in few months before applying for... Read More

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    The CHRISTUS Spohn system in Corpus Christi is continuing to hire new grads. They have very well developed training programs, including a Med Surg 'training' unit that they staff with only new grads & preceptors. I'd give them a shout - especially if the idea of beach living is attractive to you.

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    Quote from nursel56
    I'm not aware of any determination by the CA BON about the specific time limits you're considered a "new grad" in. Where did you see that information? I believe it's up to each facility to determine that.

    If she does another internship, regardless of a regulatory time limit, the clock would probably be reset, anyway.
    I never said anything about the CA BON, as it has nothing to do with the CA BON at all.

    What is considered to be a "new grad" for those looking for a job in the CA market (and just using CA as an example here) and pertaining primarily to only job applications. So yes, it's up to each facility as you said.

    Most of the CA hospitals are very specific in their application process watching the date you graduated from nursing school and that frame time is one year AND some are very specific if you worked one day as an RN and some are more lenient. Some say NO prior nursing experience at all (CNA and LVN jobs are okay, since one never used their RN license or should not have to be considered).

    It has nothing to do when you got your RN license, it's strictly by the graduation date.

    Here's one as an example:

    UCLA, UC Davis, UCSF and even the medium size hospitals etal with 95% of them are very much the same with a certain time one can be considered a "new grad", again based on your date of graduation and none to less than one year of RN experience as the application dictates.
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    Quote from BennyRNCA
    You mean you graduated in Dec. 2011, not 2010?

    Depending on what states (i.e., CA) you're looking at, you're considered a "new grad" up to the 12th month after your graduation date and applications are restricted to those dates that they will look at. Some also have zero RN experience to be accepted, some up to 6 mo or less, some less than 1 year.

    CA for example also has a 43-48% unemployment rate for new grads, cited in the CA BON 2011 nursing survey.
    Quote from BennyRNCA
    I never said anything about the CA BON, as it has nothing to do with the CA BON at all.
    Perhaps you can see the source of confusion on the part of the reader?

    Your post gave the impression that the state, rather than the facility, determined what the time limit was. I asked you to clarify that so other people reading this thread wouldn't make any decisions under the assumption that the states determine that.

    All of your examples are just details of various facility requirements. I've never said there was no difference there. The point is not the length of time, it's whether or not the state has any official determination of that length of time.
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    Quote from Jennie.K

    Scott and White in Temple does usually have positions open and will hire new grads with a BSN. Metroplex in Killeen will hire new ADN grads if you work as a nurse tech. I've heard Scott and White is a really good hospital to work for.
    Scott and White hires ADNs. I am a diploma grad and they hired me into the ICU internship.
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    Do you know what hospitals are hiring in less desirable areas of TX? Or link to find them?
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    Try Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Temple Texas, a lot of my friends got a job there as a new grad. I applied but they transferred my application to the ICU and the ICU weren't hiring So i didn't get hired there but I applied to North Dakota and got a job

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