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Hi everyone, Desperate New Grad here looking for a job anywhere in the country! Do you know anywhere that's hiring new grads? I graduated Dec, 2010 and I am hoping to do a new internship in few... Read More

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    Quote from Jennie.K

    Scott and White in Temple does usually have positions open and will hire new grads with a BSN. Metroplex in Killeen will hire new ADN grads if you work as a nurse tech. I've heard Scott and White is a really good hospital to work for.
    Scott and White hires ADNs. I am a diploma grad and they hired me into the ICU internship.
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    Do you know what hospitals are hiring in less desirable areas of TX? Or link to find them?
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    Try Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Temple Texas, a lot of my friends got a job there as a new grad. I applied but they transferred my application to the ICU and the ICU weren't hiring So i didn't get hired there but I applied to North Dakota and got a job