Letters of Recommendation from Teachers. Do they have to be sealed in an envelope?

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    Hi, I am currently applying to several new grad program in Los Angeles, and some hospitals require letter of recommendation from teachers. My question is do they have to be securely sealed in an envelope. Also, Im also planning to just make copies of the original recommendation and turned those in. Do you recommend me doing that. thanks?

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    I don't know what hospitals like, but for my letters I did not have them in envelopes. They were also copies. My professors said this would be fine- and I got the job so I guess it is okay!
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    The letters that I included with my resume' were not in envelopes, but let me give you a tip--

    I presented my resume' in a folder (you know, the two-pocket kind?), with my resume' and copy of my license and CPR cert. on one side, and on the other side, my reference page along with copies (color) of my letters of recommendation on the other. I used nice, bright color folders (so it wouldn't get lost in a stack of papers!), and let me tell you, it made QUITE an impression on the interview teams! Anything that can make you stand out (in a positive way!) is a good thing when applying for that new grad position! Remember to use high-quality paper for your resume and reference page, and make plenty of copies to take with you for the possibility of multiple people interviewing you. You would hate to leave someone out! Good luck!
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    I didn't need a sealed envelope, of even a real signature (a copy was fine) when mine were required. You can double check with HR/recruiting if you're not sure what they need. The last time I needed the sealed envelope was in high school applying to colleges, and I know that I also had to sign a form waiving my rights to read the letters before they went off to colleges - if the hospital doesn't ask for that, you should be fine.
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    As I try to get into an RN program my instructor sealed the letter..and signed it over the seal. She said it shows i did not tamper with it.
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    Yes....letters should be sealed
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    My instructors gave me several letters of recommendation sealed in envelopes. I opened one from each group just to see what they said and put the others in with resumes

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