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Hi everyone, I'm posting a topic today to offer hope to those of you who may have been in my shoes at some point in time. Little history: I decided to go into nursing through a second... Read More

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    OP I am glad you are happy and fulfilled in your decision to leave so quickly.

    I could never imagine giving up so quickly on something I put so much time/money/effort into because of one lousy job. I hope you continue to be happy instead of continuing to career hop. I have a friend from school who has had about 5 different careers....she's 37. She seems to be unhappy no matter what she does.
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    Quote from flyersfan88
    I have a friend from school who has had about 5 different careers....she's 37. She seems to be unhappy no matter what she does.
    When I was unemployed 6 years ago, I completed a computerized career battery test at the local state employment office. It basically asks you all of these weird preference questions and it results in a printed report explaining the industries where your skills would be best utilized. Ironically, the career I was trying to leave was my lowest ranking industry, and among the top were health care and business. I started volunteering at a hospital a couple of months later and discovered nursing. 6 years later, I could not be any happier being a nurse!

    Your friend might benefit from this assessment tool.
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    Hi sweetgeorgia my life sounds like what happened to you right now. I would really like to email with you to know how you did it. I have a Bachelors in Business Administration, I regret not continuing with the Business Degree. Please contact me. I just need some guidance on how you did it. Because I am ready to quit nursing. Please email me neiop77@gmail.com Thank you so much and congratulations.
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    I am happy for you OP but it seems that you went to nursing for the wrong reasons. Job stability and pay are no reasons to me or even changing major because "I could not find a job". But that's my personal opinion. I am saying this because I met so many people going for these reasons and honestly I would not want them to take care of me.
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    Surely, there are other areas of healthcare we can enter with your nursing degree. especialy with our BSN
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    Smh I can't believe how offended some people are by OP's life choices.
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    Good For You. I know, we all want that easy night, where everything goes smoothly. but never happens. Our Hospital lately has 1 RN suicide every year for the past 2 years now. It says something about our job.
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    Thank you so much for posting this! I'm 3 months into my job and miserable! I have worked as a massage therapist for 8 years now so luckily I have that as back up for income but not nearly close to what I need. Eeeek. I'm looking into doing one-on-one private literacy tutoring to supplement my income. Very little supplementing, but hey, I don't live a fancy lifestyle. As long as my bills are paid and I have food and peace of mind.. happy lady I'm in limbo with leaving nursing. 1.) I put a lot of time/effort/work/MONEY into this license 2.)I'm going to disappoint a lot of people around me 3.) I need the income to FINALLY move out on my own.. I'm 30 still living with the padres. Their thoughts: I'd graduate, get a nursing job and move out and start adulting.. FINALLY. WELLLL.... I'm feelin' a little stuck. Although my gut tells me that working for myself is my best bet. If not financially at least for peace of mind. I would rather live minimally with a peace of mind than extravagant and hate my job. I won't go into all the negatives I've seen, felt, and experienced in my few short months of nursing because I'm not big on complaining.... and I could go on for days haha. Some of which is the profession, some of which is my personality. I'm an HSP and INFJ. Took me awhile to learn this, find out what it is and accept it... I'm still working on fully accepting it because it makes me feel "weak" and "lazy" even though I know deep down I'm not. If anybody knows anything about HSP INJF careers or just some tips about where to go from here I'd much appreciate it! THANK YOU! #FeelinALittleStuck #ButOptimistic
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    FYI- I'm a psych nurse. I chose this area because I gravitated towards the psycho-social needs of my patients and I love psychology. I also love being a positive light in someone's life when they're in a rough spot... very rewarding. Unfortunately, I feel like I'm blocked from my patients with clouds of paperwork, politics, charting, paperwork, politics, sign this, initial that, paperwork, and more hospital politics. I know these are things that are not going away. I didn't go into this for the money. I went into this so I could interact and be there for my patients. Guess what I'm doing? Refer to the above run-on sentence. Throw in management barking down my back that I'm not moving fast enough because I tend to be a diligent person... especially when safety is concerned. .... Maybe I should've been a counselor? Thanks for listening.... reading... whatever

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