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hi, i have to give some encouragement :idea: to you new rn's for the whole job process. i looked for a job for 9 months before finally getting hired, and i learned what works and doesn't work. ... Read More

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    Three out of three recruiters told me that they don't want a cover letter, because they don't even have time to read them (what with the 100s of resumes/applications they are getting for each job). I had put a lot of time into mine, so this made me sad. I ditched the cover letter and resent the resume, and got a job.
    It seems that the only thing that is predictable is the unpredictability of it all!
    Good luck, grads! Hang in there!
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    It seems that different hospitals are going to have different rules and requirements. It's VERY unpredictable, as MOMof3wannabeRN said. One hospital loved that you called to show your eagerness, another hospital will say DO NOT CALL. One hospital loved the watermark, while another hospital wants you to copy/past into a small box. While these are all great ideas, bc you do want to stand out somehow, sometimes you have to work with what you're given.

    I say to new grads with no job: Do as much as you can with what you're given. Be very patient. Just because you can't call, show up personally, make a fancy resume doesn't mean will never get the job. (although, they ARE great ideas!)

    There's hope people, there's hope! Remember to give thanks for the small things, too
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    Did anyone feel any animosity toward their workplace for they way they treated you when looking for your first job?!
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    Hi! I just want to ask help for nclex. I'll take it 1st week september. Can you help me with anything at all?
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    Quote from keL2
    Hi! I just want to ask help for nclex. I'll take it 1st week september. Can you help me with anything at all?
    You should visit the NCLEX forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum - Nursing for Nurses

    Welcome to allnurses, and good luck with the boards!