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I have violated a hospital policy, not in patient care or a hippa violation, but I've made a mistake of hooking up with a coworker in the parking lot after work. This ended up to the manager, and we had a meeting with HR, and now... Read More

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    Quote from Nurseadam

    Wouldn't the "not eligible to rehire" hurt my chances of getting a job at any new facility?
    Yes, it will. I am a hiring manager. If I receive this information from a reference, I figure that they know the candidate. I do not. If they won't hire the candidate based upon their knowledge of him, why should I take a chance?

    Unless the candidate has "run interference" by addressing a potential issue before I check the reference, this is the point where the application goes into the "NO" pile.

    Another thought...not to "pile on" but to explain why this behavior is such an issue from a Human Resources standpoint. I manage a group of about 35 people. I could not care less who dates whom, who has sex with whom, or any other detail of their personal lives. It is none of my business, and I go to great lengths to AVOID the grape-vine and gossip because I don't want to know.

    But when something happens right under a manager's nose, she can no longer keep blinders on. Managing a group of workers is a challenge from many perspectives. The biggest challenge is not related to skills, knowledge, work performance, or even attendance. It is relationships between co-workers, especially with a female-dominated work team. Guys would snicker, and quickly move on. Women do not respond the same way. An incident like this disrupts the work environment for a long time, and the person's continued presence on the unit will be viewed as a harbinger of problems to come, unless the manager is convinced otherwise.

    Does that make sense?
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    You couldn't wait until you got home or got to his/her place. Sounds like you are lacking impulse control.
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    Quote from PeepnBiscuitsRN
    If you're looking for a direct answer to your question- I would resign. Even if they took you back. I have a feeling you'd find your place of employment a very hostile and unplesant place to work at that point. Gossip spreads pretty fast.

    It's not much of a comfort but your "transgression" could be so much worse. I mean I'm not sure what might look worse to a potential employer- what you did, or doing something else like neglect of a patient. I guess to me the latter. If an application asks why you left this job...well I don't know. You could put "personal" and if the potiental employer inquired further, you could just be straightforward, and say you are sorry it happened, you understand the poor light it might shine on you, but you assure them that it's not in your nature to do something with such little regard for policy. (And that's not an extra jab at you, it just sounds good).

    In the mean time if you have co-workers who you feel can speak to your true character, you might need to do some pleading. Stuff happens, yes. Like the rest of the people on this forum I'm not sure why the parking lot and not somewhere off campus would have sufficed. I'm also curious as to who would have ratted you out- who would have known it was you? Were they in for a peek show or something?! I hope this all passes and you are able to move on, and for the other one involved as well.
    I don't know that anyone would have needed to "rat out" the OP if his facility is like mine. There are security cameras everywhere. Security has to investigate and report any unusual findings on the property. All they need is a license plate number to figure out who a car belongs to. It pays to remember your employer may be watching you even when you don't realize it.
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    I hope she was at least hot... Is she getting fired also?
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    Quote from Nurseadam
    nurses are human too, so stop judging people. I am a patient advocate in the nursing setting, but when i clock off, i do whatever i want, it's no ones business, but i misjudged this and made a huge mistake.
    I'm not going to bother piling on the judgment (I see plenty of people beat me to it ), but just wanted to point out that this statement is not necessarily true for those of us in licensed professions/occupations. By virtue of our licensure, we are voluntarily agreeing to be held to a higher standard than the general public, and what we do outside of work can be someone else's business, our employer's or the BON's business. Most state BONs still have some kind of "moral turpitude" clause in the licensure regulations (that you have to be ethically and morally fit to be a nurse and it's never really clear what, exactly, that means), and most employers have strict rules about what employees can and can't do on their property, regardless of whether they are "on the clock" or not.

    Best wishes.
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    Op, that sucks. Sorry, hope you enjoyed it.
    I didn't read the whole thread, but a kiss/pg make out shouldn't be a big.deal. plenty of people meet their soon to be spouses at work.
    If you were getting b@nged then yeah, that's bad.
    But my question is are you the female? What is supposedly happening to the other member of your tryst? I would hope everyone is equally to blame. Were they your superior?
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    It took a lot of courage to talk about how retarded she was... Everybody be nice and weigh in on how she can best do damage control. Don't be a meanie!
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    Just had an idea. What about home care? You usually just sign up with an agency. You could get started right away. May not be your dream job, but it will prevent a gap in your resume!
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    Quote from msteeleart
    You couldn't wait until you got home or got to his/her place. Sounds like you are lacking impulse control.
    I always said these 12-hour shifts were too long!!!!! Lol!
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    Quote from BrandonLPN
    Technically, the word "god" is only capitalized in specific circumstances. If one is referring to the Judeo-Christian God, then it's a proper noun and is capitalized. But if one just means "god" as in "a god", like Zeus or Athena or whatever, the word is not capitalized. Who knows how britishnomore intended the word? ...... (as long as we're being nit-picky )
    True, there are instances when the word god is not capitalized. But, for the live of God, Buddha, Allah, or Mike, this is not one of those times.

    I never criticize a poster's grammar or syntax. I do not know if English is their first language. But, I think if you are going to call out someone for their grammar, you need to dot your i's, cross your t's and capitalize proper nouns.

    I felt for this guy. One horrible lapse in judgement and he was attacked. Instead of offering support or ignoring the post completely, it became a feeding frenzy. He didn't ask for approval or forgiveness. He asked for advice.

    Posters were quick to judge his actions, his use of the word retarded, and his grammar. Perhaps we could get him to post a picture so we can all weigh in on his haircut as well.

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