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Been working in ICU for over 6months and I love the nursing part but hate the politics and drama on my unit. Previously, I worked as a LPN in LTC, school health and Substance abuse. My long term goal is to teach nursing... Read More

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    You may have hit burn out. If it is at all possible get a vacation week off. If that isnt an option take a weeks sick leave (dont forget to get doc note )See how you feel after some time off.
    Even if you still want to quit you will be able to think though your option more clearly.
    If you haven't done so already,get some kleenex,let it out. A little lifetime TV may open the flood gates.
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    CP your mail box is full,
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    I started out ICU and had to switch to an ICU step down unit. Although I'm just as busy on the new unit with 3-4 patients and usually rush lunch, etc, it's more satisfying. THe patients are more stable and there is time to teach and reassure and all those thing I wanted to do when I went into nursing. Also the ICU people are very very intense where the nurses on the new unit are still professional but more personable because they are in a teaching role, not a life-saving role. Keep being a nurse, just find something that's better suited for you. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the advice. I have hit burnout. I just need to work through it until I can go on another vacay. I'm a newly wed so no vacay any time soon.
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    Quote from CheesePotato

    On a different note, do you have vacation time? Sounds to me like someone could use some time in the sun being waited on by well-oiled cabana boys touting margaritas and chips.
    Hmm...feeling inspired now!
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    It's likely most nurse's somewhere hit burn out. As a new nurse you give it everything.

    Nursing school had prepared you that if you do it right things will go well. Life says otherwise. Nursing school is like reading a maternity book and thinking "All set . I'm ready now for labor and I am all set to be a parent ".
    The truth is like labor it hurts,you struggle. People are so willing to tell you where you are lacking while you are crushingly aware of your inadequacies. Your best efforts to get organized feel all but impossible. For me the truth was many days I felt like I was drowning. Every other nurse was busy (which they genuinely were ) so no life raft was coming. my way It was painful.
    I am sensitive so perhaps worried that I would never be enough. Equally I felt angry. Angry that nursing school had taught me I could become the "perfect nurse" . Now 6mths in I realized psycho social was a complete fairy tale . I felt lied to . I wasn't just mad.I was spitting mad. I was maddest at myself that I had believed the dream of "super nurse "
    When my fury burned down and ...it took awhile. I learned to get more organised. I learned what was really a priority.In the first yr of nursing you learn how to handle stress. Gradually I learned I can't meet every need and learn to find a peace in "I HAVE done my best ".
    Gradually I softened, when fear and stress could be placed in my back pocket I was able to cope,manage and gradually become skilled. If a small child is learning to walk we don't scream "failure" because their first steps are wobbly. We encourage. Applaud their efforts. It is the same in becoming a nurse.
    Two yrs into nsg I was nominated for nurse of the yr for our hospital .I still perhaps get a little over inflated with that one and I do admit to that but also I hopefully you hear in it that the struggle was worth it.
    Lastly for me burn out was a product of caring too much. I really wanted to give everything to my pt and internalized it when "I didn't measure up". My desire to do well was at the expense of my own health.Lesson 2 in nursing ...I am part of a team.My job is not "super "nurse it is collectively we serve.
    Nursing is physical and emotionally challenging. My nursing practice is heart focused and that compassion has been my root that has sustained me during difficult times.
    Nursing is valleys and hills.It is the landscape that we practice in. At least once a yr "I am definitely quitting!!! " It has brought me too incredible joy .
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