Help, I Don't Feel Ready :(

  1. 1 Hey everyone,

    Hope everyone New Year is going great.

    SO.... I took a New Grad Float Position at Southwest General Hospital back in august and long story short, orientation is over and i'm expected to start working by my self starting tomorrow.

    The only problem is, I don't feel ready

    Is this common for everyone? and i would appreciate any tips for my first day without training wheels.

    Thank you

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    Have you had 5 months of orientation?
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    Did the management offer that you can always ask for help if you need too? I always ask others for help and I have a great shift supervisor for a backup. She helps me whenever I have questions or any procedure I wasn't sure off. Float might be a bit different since you have to go different floors. Make sure you tell them you are new and that if it is okay for you to ask question. So, they wouldn't be too hard on you. That is my philosophy.
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    I'll repeat that. Did you have 5 months orientation? WOW.
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    I only got two weeks of orientation as a new grad. So 5 months would be more than plenty for me. Dive in!! You will do fine.
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    You're definitely ready. I started about a month before you and was on my own by the end of August. It's scary, but you can do it. Just keep asking questions and ask for help when you need it. Good luck and try not to stress too much!
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    The OP's a float. Maybe the hospital does X amount of weeks per unit before float staff are allowed to work on their own? My hospital does this with all float staff, regardless of experience.

    OP, you'll do great. No one really feels ready. My best advice for you - ask questions!!!! I'm 2 months out of orientation and I am constantly asking questions. There's no shame in it. Good luck! That feeling of dread/nervousness will start to fade, too
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    Everyone feels this way. Everyone feels this way.

    This is normal. I am ssoooo tired of people who come on here and ask the same question over and over.

    Hardly anyone ever feels confident/competent for at least a year.

    Didn't anyone hear about this before they posted the same question over and over???

    Everyone feels this way.
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    No i dont i started in october so i have 3 months or so experience.
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    Thanks everybody for your words of encouragement. Today was my first day and i must say, it wasnt as bad as i thought- One doctor yelled at me. 2 out of 6 of my pt left AMA and i was at work till 0830. Other than that i was ok. I knew i could count on people on allnurses for words of encourgement.

    Thank you

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