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Graduated with an ADN and was top in my class. Was just wondering if grades in nursing school have anything do with getting a job. Do employers look at that kind of thing. If so does it count for... Read More

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    Unfortunately, no. When a nurse position says "experience required" it's referring to LPN/RN experience only. However, having any kind of direct patient care experience is a good thing.

    ETA: if it's an RN position and it says this, they want RN experience any time spent as a LPN most likely wouldn't be counted.

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    Quote from Remeran
    What counts as experience?
    It depends on what you mean by experience. If you mean as it pertains to "experience required" in a job listing then pretty much only RN work counts as experience.
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    Salutatorian of my class, received awards from my state league of nursing, president of my college's honor society, passed nclex 75 questions in 45 min, youth mentor, 25 job apps, worked as a student nurse in a surgical ICU= no job. I'm at a loss. Honestly, I don't know what else there is to do. Good luck with everything.
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    Only RN experience counts as experience, but your odds of getting one of the new grad internships at a particular hospital goes up exponentially if you have a position there as a CNA/PCT or as a nurse extern. Just remember as you work that kind of a position through school it is basically a working interview. If there are issues or they don't like you, even having that foot in the door won't be enough. It also won't be enough if they just aren't hiring or if there is a lot of political stuff going on behind the scenes. Some of it you can control, most of it you can't. Just do all you can to tip the odds in your favor.
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    I think your volunteering will help more then grades. I don't imagine it could hurt, but around here, they never asked for grades. One person in my class got an award from the college, like a big plaque, for being the top student in Nursing school and the college. Took her 2 months before finding a job in sub acute LTC.

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