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January-I was thrilled to have my dream job in a Newborn ICU, I was making cold hard cash. I had an awesome preceptor for orientation. I was signing my name with RN behind it, I was giving meds all by myself, I was a nurse, woo... Read More

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    Thank you so much, just what i needed to read. I qualified in Oct 07 and can identify with the stages you went through. Had to laugh as I have just told myself that i will give it a year.
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    Excellent post! I am a new nurse who just graduated this past May. I have gone through many of these same feelings. I've noticed that as time passes, it does get a little better each month. Thanks so much for this truly wonderful article.
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    I just started my third semester of RN. I feel the same way when I go to clinical. I feel so lost sometimes and overwhelmed that I don't know where to start and what to do. My biggest fear is that I will not have the skills I need after I graduated to work by myself. I am so slow at giving meds after checking everything over and over. I don't want to make an error. If anyone has any advice, please advise.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    Weebaby: You truly should attempt to get that published. You can touch so many students and first year nurses. You truly have displayed that not ALL nurses are negative. I would love to see more first year nurses document their first year experiences and it might ENCOURAGE instead of discourage more people to enter the nursing field. Nursing will give you just what you expect....it will either be a rewarding experience or you will quickly find that you just aren't really a NURSE at HEART and can't hang in there. You go NURSE. We love your dedication.
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    I need to do one of these. I just finished LVN school, waiting to take boards on Valentine's Day and all the while I started back at community college, to brush up pre-reqs for BSN. I currently work in a small dialysis unit, where when I finish I will be the med nurse/team leader and have my own 4 patients. Uh oh

    Oh the humanity!!!
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    While reading your story it's not hard to feel the emotions you are going through, it's funny how towards the end of the year the mood lightens. It was like watching a good movie unfold. Thanks for sharing.
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    I'm applying to ABSN programs this year in hopes of starting this fall or next spring. Thinking about it has me anxiety filled already. I'm worried about not getting in. I'm even more worried about getting through nursing school and eventually being a nurse. I want to work in NICU too. Your story has eased my fears just a hair. If it wasn't so important to me I wouldn't be worried. Somewhere deep down I know that I can do this. And one day I'll be able to come full circle like you.
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    Quote from WeeBabyRN
    I have officially completed my first year of nursing....January-December...
    Whoa, that was great WeeBaby, congratulations!! On winning the article contest but more so on "how you became a great baby nurse"! yayy!
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    Wow, thanks for sharing your story. It is so helpful as fear is probably the most debilitating emotion there is. You address that so well and show that we just need to trust ourselves and rely on our co-workers for help.
    Thank you!
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    I am also a new grad who went straight into the nicu and I could identify with every word you wrote! Very nicely done, and know you are not alone! I got called yesterday and was told I got one of the rotating positions, so I'll do 6 wks of days then 6wks of nights. We'll see how it goes. But every day I love my job more and more! Way to hang in there!
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