Fountain Valley- New Grad (Versant)

  1. So I thought I'd start a thread about the Fountain Valley's New Grad Program. I know some people already got called by the nurse recruiter and I heard they're going to interview 150 people for 15 spots. I'm like WOW... Anyone here who got called? And what units are you applying to?
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  3. by   WUNSN
    I got a call like a week ago. But no manager interview yet. I'm hoping for an interview! either medsurg or icu
  4. by   Lordsburg
    was it the call that asks you what are your top 2 units are and why? I read in other forums some were called for an initial interview..not sure if that meant nurse managers were going to be there.
  5. by   PackersFan
    I'm going in for an interview on Wednesday morning, and so is my best friend from nursing school. We both had clinical rotations at FV...and she precepted there.

    I believe we both said that we're interested in doing ICU - either adults or peds.
  6. by   Lordsburg
    Finished the initial interview today for the ER position. Also found out there is only 1 spot for the ER. T.T Odds are against me.
  7. by   ocmama
    Thanks for starting this thread. I have my interview this morning.
  8. by   Lordsburg
    Quote from ocmama
    Thanks for starting this thread. I have my interview this morning.
    How do you think it went? which unit did you apply to?
  9. by   ocmama
    It was pretty quick, but I felt like it went ok. I am applying for L&D. The next step is a much longer panel interview if we get called back and we will be expected to answer questions about clinical scenarios.
  10. by   Lordsburg
    Great..hope we both get call backs by June.
  11. by   ocmama
    Lordsburg, What unit are you applying for? Anyone else going for L&D?
  12. by   ocmama
    oh, ER oops didn't read back far enough :P
  13. by   Lordsburg
    The whole interview went by so quick. How are we supposed to stand out by just spending 5 minutes with us?
  14. by   april*rn
    Hi everyone! I had my initial interview last Wednesday. They were very nice and easy to talk to, but I could tell they were kind of in a hurry. Lots of people to interview! We should get a call back by June 6 if selected for second interview. BTW I picked orthopedics since I precepted there and found it very interesting.