ED, or ICU for a new grad RN?

  1. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be faced with this choice: which job to take (or, to have an offer at all). Which would you take, and which offers the best long term growth? I am interested in both, and if I didn't need sleep, would take both. Not going to happen. Benefits are better with ICU, pay scale is better with ED (mostly cause it is an all nights and weekend position). Any advice from more experienced nurses?
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  3. by   schnookimz
    I'm not more experienced, but I would say ED just because the variety will be better.
  4. by   LifesAJourney
    I think at this point, you can just select an area you have the most interest in. I'm going to be bias and say choose ICU lol. However, during my critical care rotation, we only got to spend one day in the ER and I loved every minute of it! If I get the chance to cross train in ER, I would do it. Get the best of both worlds!
  5. by   Stormin'n
    Unfortunately, not an option at this time. I would do both if I could.
  6. by   NPOaftermidnight
    I just got hired right out of school into the SICU. From what everyone is telling me, ICU experience is much more valued. You are working with critical patients all the time - whereas in the ED, you may have these patients sometimes but you also will have much less critical patients and those that don't even really need to be there (such as drug seekers). Also, I am told that after a couple years of ICU experience I could work pretty much wherever I want. Unless you have a particular desire for the ED environment, I say go for the ICU : )
  7. by   Havin' A Party!
    I'd recommend neither.

    If critical care is your interest, I'd suggest doing a stint in telemetry first.

    Good luck!