Christus Santa Rosa Versant Residency- Winter 2017

  1. Is anyone else applying for the Versant residency that starts in February in San Antonio? I know their application ends on October 30th and I want to stay posted for when everyone that applied starts getting contacted!
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  3. by   nurseBeeee
    I am! I have an interview for CHOSA in November. Have you heard back?
  4. by   lilz5
    No not yet. I've been trying to get my instructors to work with me and fill out that survey that literally takes 2 minutes. How quickly did they schedule an interview with you after your application was considered complete?
  5. by   nurseBeeee
    Argh, that's frustrating!
    I had my phone interview pretty quickly after my application was complete, which I thought went pretty terrible. She said there are only 12-14 spots for peds so I thought for sure I was done. Then about 1-2 weeks later I heard about the in-person. What specialty are you wanting?
  6. by   lilz5
    I want OB! On their website for the residency OB wasn't listed as one of the specialties but I could chose it during the application part so who knows if it's even offered. How long was the phone interview?
  7. by   nurseBeeee
    I believe around 15-20 minutes or so if I remember correctly.
  8. by   lilz5
    Was it a hard interview? Do they ask the typical questions like "tell me why you want to work here" or "tell me about yourself" or is it more chill & like a regular conversation?
  9. by   nurseBeeee
    They asked those typical questions at first, but then they asked more behavioral interview type questions as well too!
  10. by   lilz5
    Oh ok! So was this phone interview for a specific unit/specialty like pediatrics? Or is it just to get into the residency?
  11. by   nurseBeeee
    Just the residency
  12. by   lilz5
    So I just did my phone interview and trust me it was a hot mess. I made the mistake of saying I really wanted to work at a hospital that had a GN residency and looked at all the hospitals in SA. She asked me if I applied to methodist too lol. I also got super confused on locations and she had to explain it to me. Overall it was quite an experience. When they scheduled the second interview did they tell you what hospital and unit it was for? She just told me mine was for womens services?
  13. by   nurseBeeee
    Haha interviews are so rough! She just told me it would be with CHOSA for my unit of choice (HEM/ONC) and would send me more info about a week before.
    That's good you got a second interview!!
  14. by   lilz5
    She didn't tell me anything about mine! Its a phone interview since I go to school in Galveston but I honestly just feel like its another phone screen in order to proceed onto the actual hiring managers for the OB units. Have you gone to your interview yet?