Can't find a job. New Grad RN!

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    Hi all, I graduated in Nov 2012 took the boards and passed. Have a BSN degree. Since December I have been posting my résumé on so many different hospital websites, unfortunately there are not many new RN jobs out there. Just recently I started taking my résumé to nursing recruiters. I'm going into my second month of unemployment as an RN. Anyone have any advice? I'm desperate now.

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    Are you also looking for jobs outside the hospital setting? If not, try clinics, home health, private duty, nursing homes, rehab, psych facilities, prisons, and other non-hospital jobs. Many of these workplaces accept walk-ins during business hours and old-fashioned paper applications, so there's a chance for an on-the-spot interview. Good luck to you!
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    I have applied to a few jobs in clinics, one was in LA and I wasn't ready to relocate. The other clinics didn't hire me. Maybe i will try some of the others you mentioned just to get some RN experience. The ED I'm trying to get into is saying I should do things to better myself that are attractive to the ED. Although now I will take just about any job.
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    What area of the country are you in? Jobs are much harder to find in large, urban areas. Although you aren't ready to relocate, you may have to eventually.
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    It took me 6 months to find my first nursing job. I reccomend asking everyone you know who is a nurse or knows a nurse and see if they can get you in contact with a manager. That is the only way I got the job I have now. Unfortunatly it takes knowing someone to get a job these days! Good luck!
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    I live in Ca. But married with two kids😔 it would be hard to relocate the whole family. I'm willing to travel a distance.
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    @nursejessie2I will reach out to all my friends today. What do you think about some of the nurses I did rotations with?
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    I would definatly contact every nurse you have numbers for! A new nurse might know if their floor is still hiring. There could be hundreds of applications for one position, but if someone recommends you, you will be the one there for the interview!
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    Apply to anything and everything. CA is such a hard place to find a job. You're still a newer new grad, so chin up! You haven't been unemployed that long.

    Good luck!
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    It doesn't sound like you've been proactive about it. New grads are having a hard time in SoCal. Apply online for everything, then start getting personal. Drop off resumes at hr. Try to email or call unit managers who are hiring. You might have to tweak your resume as well. Be patient because sometimes it'll take a while to even get an interview. Good Luck!

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