where can i find care plan scenarios

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    Hey, Does anyone know where I can find some patient scenarios to practice writing care plans?
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    Good question....I was wondering the same.....
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    In the 19th edition EC study guide, there are three scenarios. Starting on pg 104, Jean Kaufman is the first patient and there are two other patients to do a complete PCS and care plan on. Hope with helps and I wish you the best in all you do.
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    Hi-Check the front of your drug handbook, I know the Davis Drug Guide has a few case studies...
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    Did you see the ones on EC's website? Requires you to log in, but they are located here: https://my.excelsior.edu/group/myexc...tice-scenarios
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    If you pick up any nursing magazine, you'll find case studies. They might not include nurse plans of care, but you can always use the patient scenarios as a starting point.
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    Google patient scenarios for nurses.
    There are a ton.
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    The EC students have some certain needs for their scenarios to practice for the CPNE PCSs -- like a certain number of specific areas of care assigned. But what would be really nice is if students would use these resources mentioned by elprup and GrnTea and maybe write a batch of new ones for each other. The ones I linked on EC's website can be submitted to EC faculty for critique, though. Random ones cannot.