what is the average wait time for CPNE?

  1. Hey all, wondering how long it takes to get a date and what is the soonest anyone knows of? which sites are the quickest? I want to get this wknd behind me...tired of studyin, going to submit my packet next week
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  3. by   tjmiller
    *bump* Good question!
  4. by   tnmarie
    This has been discussed several times but I can't find any of the threads to link you to. It depends on where you go. NPAC has the shortest wait times; it only takes a couple of days to get a date and you can test within one to two months of applying. SPAC has the longest; usually takes 2-3 months to get a date and you test up to 6 months or more from when you apply. Not too sure about MPAC. I got my date from NPAC in 24 hours and got the exact date I requested, which was only few months away (I knew I needed at least 3 months to prepare). I've heard of people getting dates a month after they applied with NPAC.

    Good luck!
  5. by   nursemami4
    Depends as previous poster said. I finished the fcca October 30th, had my baby November 12th, sent my CPNE application during the 2nd week of December and applied for NPAC, your docs uploaded are accepted right away and I had to call every week to finally accept a cancellation they had march 8th-10th in Syracuse NY. Now there were cancellation dates that the SPAC offered if you want to transfer but the dates offered were too soon for me, there were 3 dates in january. The MPAC has not had any cancellations yet so I was left taking march in Syracuse which I now know that those dates are spring break for NY and the tickets flying from New Orleans to there are much higher. Anyhow, my point was that for me is that I was not given a date but had to keep calling every week to accept a cancellation. Good luck and my tip would be to study hard now as if you have a date so that way when you call and offered a cancellation that you can accept it even if early because you are ready.
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    yeah, appreciate the info. Getting my documents together now to submit. Been a long time coming I can tell you. And now that i've reached this point, I want to get it DONE!!!
  8. by   Mesiam
    thanks for the info! I am in the process of applying for CPNE, want the quickest date avail, I am not working currently and want to put my time into studying and getting it done..
  9. by   Mesiam
    just an update..all goods approved Sept 27th...awaiting a date, but was advised NPAC is scheduling now into February..;( there are always cancellation dates to try to get on, if any available..
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    i applied 9/14, had issues d/t scholarship being released 10/01- got email friday 10/18 for march 21 in pennsylvania... called monday 10/21 morning they said no cancellations available, then they call me monday evening with 3 dates so early feb i am cpne bound in queens ny