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    Hi, everyone! Long time reader, first time poster.

    I'm taking the "Transition to the Professional Registered Nurse" exam tomorrow afternoon & am curious to see if anyone had any last-minute tips. This is my very first Excelsior exam & I'm a tad nervous. I've been using StudyGroup101, as well as the EC practice exams. I feel like it's hard to retain the information because it's so dry.

    Is this exam one of the harder EC exams? Any tips would be appreciated.

    Thank you!


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    Welcome! :-) That exam wasn't terribly difficult to me, just rather dry! Good luck, let us know how it goes.
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    Thank you, Lunah! Will do!
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    Good Luck!!
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    Thanks, mocha! Unfortunately, I did not pass this exam. I am super bummed. I thought this would be one of the easier EC exams. I studied hard, but the material was so dry & at the end of the day, I couldn't retain the information. I plan on taking Microbiology in early June (after my wedding & honeymoon! ) & retaking Transition in late June. I was hoping to start this program on a better foot, but im confident that with more studying, I'll pass the second time. I'd really like to finish this program within a year, which I feel is a reasonable timeframe based on what I've read on here. Eventually, I'd like to get my MSN.

    Thanks for the support,

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    So sorry to hear that. I failed it too. I'm saving it for my last exam!!! I hated it.
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    I know how you feel, it was awful. The material is so dry. I thought we had to take Transition & Micro before we can take any of the other nursing exams...? Is that correct? Maybe Lunah can clarify...
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    Page 20 of the catalog (I had to look it up, it's changed since I was an ADN student) -- under "Meeting Requirements," it just says that you have to complete A&P and Micro before you can take any nursing exam with the exception of Transitions. So no, you don't have to do Transitions before the other nursing exams, but you do have to pass A&P and Micro before you can do any of the other exams besides Transitions. Does that make sense?
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    Thank you for the clarification, Lunah! That does make sense. Not sure where I read the 'Transition before other nursing exams' info. I guess I've have too many details running through my head between school, wedding planning, & house building; I can't keep them straight! Haha. Not sure when to retake Transition, but I'm excited about taking the other nursing exams & beginning this crazy journey. I'm interested in Excelsiors RN-MSN program after I obtain my RN (taking one step at a time, though). How do you like the program so far, Lunah?


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    Good grief, girl! You sound like a natural multi-tasker. When is your wedding? And how were your EC practice exam scores for Transition?

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