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I just applied to Excelsior, wanting to beat the October deadline for the changes to the program. I've submitted all of my transcripts but they haven't been received/processed yet. I was wondering... Read More

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    Oct1 changes
    1. you will no longer be able to take Health Safety before enrolling.
    2. Anatomy & Microbiology must be taken before the nursing courses (except Transition to RN role) and cannot be more than 5 years old
    3. EC will only accept a max of 7 ACE credits for the ADN and 15 for the BSN (ACE credits - Penn foster, straighterline, etc.)
    4. The CLEP and DSST exam credits are not limited.

    School of Nursing limits credit acceptance -
    Associate Degree in Nursing Admission and Curriculum requirements -

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    All of my credits from a local college transferred. Hard back pretty quick. I would take the 2 classes they allow you to take before enrolling first. Once you pass them enroll and take the remaining. The books for me were a total and absolute waste of money. I didn't open them once the entire program. I used studygroup101 and even that I didn't use all that much. You can take the exams in any order you choose. I took LS1-3 last. Can't remember the order. I took them all about 2 weeks apart. Just finishing up FCCA (you can take both FCCA's at the same time) Good luck!

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