Tina Logan's workshop is closed?

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    Tina Logan's workshop is closed?

    it seems it is now closed.
    does anyone know a private cpne workshop in east coast?

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    I asked if it was closed because the following site said so.

    t seems like there is another one in east coast
    this one is run by tina, and it seems it's still running.

    she has online cpne and hands-on.
    does anyone know about any of these two?
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    i just found out the one in east coast is closed, too.

    is there any in the east coast?
    i either have to go to sheri's in atlanta or take EC's?
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    West Coast Tina's, which is cheducation, closed some time back. West Coast Tina decided to spend more time taking care of her relatively new twins. A shame, because her workshop was excellent.
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    I was so disappointed to find out that Tina's was no longer on the east coast. I actually had a friend who lived 10 mins from the site where she used to hold the workshop. So, I thought I was Golden!! Oh well, looks like I will either do Excelsior's or Sheri's online. What ever it takes, I just want to finish!!
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    Tina Logan's necworkshop is closing. I believe she will finish up her May class but she's is closing to spend time with her family. I heard this from Tina directly when I contacted her regarding two friends of mine who are beginning their CPNE studies and were looking for a workshop. I attended Tina's workshop last March and passed my CPNE in May 2011. There is a message to this effect on her website page as well.
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    if u have a friend who is her neighbor...maybe u can use that connection..
    to beg her to extend to have just one more workshop?

    plz..pm me..or let me know if u think she might change her mind.
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    pfeef21...I wish you all the best. It must be frustrating. I did my CPNE last May 2011. I know someone who did Sheri's online and then went for a one-day Mock Practicum with her right before her CPNE, and she was so happy with her. Good luck!!! I know you'll finish and finish great. You've got the right attitude.
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    No, I don't think she'll change her mind, nor is it fair to ask her to do so ... if I know Tina (and I do), this was not a decision that was lightly made. There are other resources around that will help you be successful. Good luck!
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    There are many right here in northeast. We are not allowed mention or a dvertise on this forum read Facebook and or Cpne beast for other workshops or Google up Cpne

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