The Excelsior College Distance Learning ADN Program: Facts, Answers, and Links The Excelsior College Distance Learning ADN Program: Facts, Answers, and Links - pg.7 | allnurses

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The Excelsior College Distance Learning ADN Program: Facts, Answers, and Links - page 7

I thought I'd compile some basic information/answers to the questions we see here over and over. This is a work in progress. Please feel free to point out any errors. Thanks! 1. Excelsior College... Read More

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    Quote from myshop
    Did anybody use Achieve prep test school, to help with Exelsiour?
    It's an expensive study service on top of all of Excelsior's fees & tuition. Neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Excelsior. If you need a classroom environment to learn its mush more cost effective to attend a traditional brick & mortar school. It's not much different that The a College Network, Rue, Chancellors, DLSi and other publishing companies.
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    Very well written; posted on FB.
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    Thanks for the help!!
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    I know that one can take the tests, fail the first, fail the second on the third failure you are dismissed from the program.
    My question is, I will be taking the health safety exam next month and it will be my first time taking the test out option. If I happen to bomb, which I hope not, and decided the test out option is not for me, can I just take the class equivalent?
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    Yep, people who have failed exams have then signed up for the 8-week course.
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    Checked some links, updated some numbers, added info about the TEAS.
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    I had the same feelings when I read that post
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    Great information, thank you. So, I have a question. Some states don't accept Excelsior, got it. So let's say I get a nursing license in a state which does accept Excelsior grads and then I get a job as an RN. After working ## years in that state in which I got my license, I suddenly decide to move to a state that does not accept Excelsior grads for initial(?) RN licensure. At that point, does my ## years of work as a RN negate the issue that states BON has with Excelsior graduates? It seems silly that having not done a few clinicals concurrent with my nursing classes, or doing an online lab for my microbiology class in lieu of a classroom would trump actual real-life work experience as a registered nurse several years after the fact, doesn't it? I'm still trying to understand how this licensure stuff works.
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    California is the only state that you can not get a license in regardless of the number of years experience or number of degrees. All other states will allow it, some with stipulations.
    Yes it is odd, but it is their rules.