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Stats class for Excelsior RN-BSn

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    I am wanting to complete my RN-BSn with Excelsior and my question is what Stats class outside of Excelsior with they accept? I know they no longer accept ALEKS, is there another one that is online? Anyone taking the Excelsior Stats class, if so what do you think about it?

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    I took it through They are partnered with EC but there is a limit to the number of ACE credits EC will accept in transfer. Good luck!
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    I don't know any alternative courses that Excelsior will accept for Statistics. I will link the thread I started a few months ago on my experience with Excelsior's online Statistics course.

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    I took the online class through UNC Asheville. Flat fee and you don't have to be enrolled in the college or be in state to take it. It is worth 4 credit hours and is totally online except for tests which are proctored. They let my HR manager proctor mine. Just a thought. It was like $430 for the semester. 16 week class. Statistics isn't easy no matter where you take it unless your some brainiac genious.