1. One of the many barriers I had to going back for my BSN was fear of a few specific courses. Chemistry, English (writing) and Statistics. Turned out Excelsior didn't require chemistry, I finished the writing course a few weeks ago, right after I started statistics. Folks, I have not done any serious non-pharmacology related math since 1990.

    I ain't gonna lie, this course was difficult, I probably averaged 4-5 hours a week studying the assignments. The last couple of weeks, I've spent probably 10-12 hours a week on them. I "quit" the course about 5 times the first month.

    With the acquisition of my increased mathematics skills I was able to start tracking exactly how many points I had earned toward my final grade (like what number grade I would make if I actually quit at that moment and did no more work). As of yesterday, I had a minimal passing grade of just over 70!! I can't fail at this point. I have been averaging mid-90's so hopefully that will hold out for the last couple of assignments and the final, but right now I know I will have credit and that is awesome.

    To top it all off, I think I have actually learned something useful, now I understand all that number mumbo-jumbo on research studies.
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  3. by   PinkCupcake
    I'm taking statistics right now and I hate it! Math and I do not get along. Congrats on having enough to pass. I'm only 4 weeks worth in (I'm taking a 8 week accelerated class) so far so good but this last test was HARD!
  4. by   Patti_RN
    To those needing statistics, University of Utah offers an online Stats course that is almost impossible to fail. If you do the assignments and maybe supplement with a college stats book, you're almost guaranteed to understand the material and pass the course. The course title is Psych 3000 (but it is an undergrad statistics course--not psych!). Bad news is, they seem to be restricting registration to enrolled students after July--so if you want to take it, sign up now. You can start anytime and finish anytime, the only restrictions are you have to be enrolled at least 8 weeks and you have to take the final at least two weeks after taking the midterm. The cost is under $1000, and there are no additional fees or books required.
  5. by   Simply Complicated
    I'm taking stats through my BSN program at Ohio University in October. NOT looking forward to it at all. Math and I don't get along.
  6. by   TiffyRN

    I wish I had known about this course in Utah before. I just didn't know, but I will make sure to remember that now. The final for my course wasn't available until last night at 2300 (MN in Excelsior's time zone). I had been pumped to take it that afternoon and when I found out I would have to wait until 11pm I was almost impossible to live around (poor husband).

    I did take it, though I probably should have been in a better frame of mind and less nervous. I wound up scoring 85.7 which was my lowest test score yet, but it will maintain my "A". Now my total earned points stands at 88.7 but I still haven't been graded for 3 items that potentially will add up to another 7 points to my final grade.

    What will I do with my time? Well, there are plenty of plans, finish the other two nursing courses I'm currently enrolled in and study for the Nursing Research exam (which will not be available after September and will convert to a 15 week course).