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Hey I am actually accepted to Excelsior right now but I have some concerns regarding the Online Nursing School thing. Can anyone help to put my mind at ease? How hard are the exams? Have you... Read More

  1. by   nursemami4
    I used an older edition of the med surg book and to be honest I rarely used my text books. I mainly used study group 101, the excelsior study content guide and looked up all info, and did all the practice exams. You should be fine with the older edition, the info is about the same. I also used my old maternity and mental health text from when I was in my LPN program. Everyone does have a different way to study and we all use what works best for us. Best of luck on your journey and def use all nurses as a way to find motivation/support as we all are here for one another and do understand as we were/are in the same spot as you!
  2. by   Msmytch1
    Well said girl thanks... I needed that !
  3. by   mscryslvn
    I know these posts are kinda last year... Lol but I am a LVN an have some questions about Excelsior. I just recently passed my LVN Boards 3mths ago. :-D which was a long 21mth LVN Night program... Which was horrendous!! School Mon-Fri 5-9, sometimes 10-11p for clinicials. All while being a mom, wife and Full time employee. I want to complete my bridge, but would like to know the best option... I have heard good/bad about EC. I have no pre reqs, just my LVN.

    - How long will this estimated program take?
    - Is it truly at my pace?
    - Will I have to take an entrance exam, or is my LVN sufficient?
    - What is the cost of the program?

    Any help/advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Are you in TX or CA? Excelsior is not accepted in CA.

    Here are the admissions requirements: Admission Requirements for Associate Degree in Nursing Programs -
    Tuition & Fees information: Excelsior College fees and tuition -

    Other information about Excelsior College's School of Nursing: Associates Degrees Nursing | Nursing Degrees, Programs | Distance -

    You can find a lot of information in this thread started by an EC Alum/All Nurses staff member LunahRN:
  5. by   mscryslvn
    I am in Tx. Thanks so much for the links. :-D
  6. by   nursemami4
    Quote from mscryslvn
    I am in Tx. Thanks so much for the links. :-D
    Hey, I sent you a private message!

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