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    Hi there! Signed up for the FCCA today with a testing window of 4/10-4/19! So excited. Thinking of getting Ethics out of the way while I wait via CLEP exam. Should I even bother to open the CPNE study guide now?? I don't plan on testing until September (early) or late August. Advice for what to do next?

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    Go ahead and open it with a LARGE CUP OF COFFEE! Its so will need it. I have skimmed the critical elements parts and I am half way thru this thing. I don't understand it really, too many words involved in the critical elements parts. I'm going to register for Sheri Taylors online workshop at the end of the month and order her study guide. The critical elements are bulleted with less words which will make it easier to read and understand. I'm a visual person and all the excess verbage is too much for me. I heard that her study guide is offered at a discount when you sign up, so thats why I am waiting. Once I get her guide, I will read it cover to cover and then go back to the big one and read it, hoping I understand it then.
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    I have skimmed it briefly. It is a ton of info to digest. I am looking forward to Sherri's online workshop as well as getting that study guide. I have to complete Ethics and world religions while I wait to take the FCCA. Thought I could take a little breather,but guess not! haha
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    Congrats it feels so good to have all those test out of the way doesn't it. The CPNE guide is allot of info - but after I signed up for Sheri's workshop and got her study guide and read it then the Excelsior guide started to make more sense. I am now on the 3rd time reading it and taking notes to ask questions for my weekly phone calls with the advisors at Excelsior's. I love the boards here and at Excelsior and have gotten allot of good info but so good to hear the answers from the advisors themselves really clears everything up. Good Luck!!!!!
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    So I just got my FCCA sign up completed too!!! i'm right there with ya. testing window is same as yours 4/10-4/19!!!! Go us!!
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    FCCA...two words: Ridiculously EASY...soooo that being said do NOT over think it, DO ONLY what is ASSIGNED to you to do in the directions! At one point you are going to be doing an assignment and go REALLY??? i paid this much money for THIS?...yes and yes =) good luck! I had it done in about 3.5-4 hrs...then held it for three days freaking out thinking I didn't do it right because it was so easy...sigh....
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    RYAN!!!! awesome!!! We will do fine. I plan to do it over a 2 days time span (since I work and my kids are busy that week) but we can do it.
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    Cathy--when do you take the CPNE?? I plan on taking Sherri's online workshop too..I hear it's great and I can't attend a live one. I think with enough practice--studying and keeping my nerves in check I will be able to pass. I just have to keep saying this..hahaha

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    Christine - I take the CPNE May 11th in Utica. Sherri's online is fantastic and you can watch the videos over and over and over which I do constantly it really helps get the steps down-I am very visual so I love it.

    And YES you will pass just leave the if out - it's only "when I pass" or "I will pass" from now on!! :redpinkhe
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    Quote from CathyLPN2RN
    it's only "when I pass" or "I will pass" from now on!! :redpinkhe
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