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  1. 0 Can you ClEP a&p? Some one advised me to but its not listed as an option on the CLEP website?
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    No, there isn't a CLEP for A&P -- just an EC exam. Some people have done their A&P through ... straighterline, I think? Online Science Courses - Earn College Science Credits - StraighterLine
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    I used Excelsior College to "CLEP"...rather, test out of A&P to boost my science GPA. When I did the exam, it covered A&P parts I&II and included lab. I would go to excelsior's website or the thread here for more info. Hope this helps!!
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    If you use the EC exam it doesn't count "against" your allotment of ACE credits plus the grade counts to accentuate your GPA. It's a 4 credit exam so the cost is around $450.
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