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  1. Okay so I am currently attending Lincoln Technical Institute for my LPN and I graduate September 2013. I took all of my prereqs at a community college and recieved 2 associate degrees in 2010 (Science for Health Professions and Behavioral Health: Psychology). I took all of my science classes in 2008/2009 and they will be a little over 5 years by the time I graduate and I know that Excelsior changed their rules on science classesd not being able to be over 5 yrs when we start. Ive also heard that if you have a degree, your science classes won't expire. So my question is, for Excelsior, do you think that they will accept my science being a little over 5 yrs since I have an associates degree or no?
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  3. by   Medic625
    Your best bet is to call an Excelsior nursing advisor. If you go to you can find the phone number. Calling them directly is probably better than someone guessing. In my experience, their advisors are great and will be able to answer all your questions right away.
  4. by   Bridgett
    I agree with Medic. The only way to know for sure is to ask Excelsior.
  5. by   LadyFree28
    I would ask Excelsior to confirm. I went to a local university in an accelerated BSN program that took my LPN for 5 credits, and my Associates Degree prevented me from taking classes over.