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I did my taxes last eve and was qualified for the lifelong learning deduction (so very happy, I normally owe every year)so I will be getting a check enough to cover my last four exams. I want to just purchase all the remaining... Read More

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    I took 5 in a month...1 too many...burned out and got a D on the last one, had to an A. I was just fed up and wanted to finish it faster. So I think 4 is the max in a week but I'd say do three.
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    Quote from jlynn167
    I actually didn't use Excleior's 1098, I attended a local college and used that 1098...come to think of it Excelsior didn't send me a 1098?! I only took Transitions in the year 2012 though so I'm claim Excelsior on my 2013 return.
    I did ask Excelsior about the 1098, since it was for the enrollment fee only... $1015. They said that exam fees do not qualify. But I will be looking into it and asking a tax pro, since I paid for 2 exams. I hope they also qualify!

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