overwhelmed...and I haven't even applied.

  1. Hi everyone. I am so overwhelmed looking at Excelsior and all of the information in these boards. I'm a paramedic in north carolina. i've heard from various people that employers "don't care" where you got your nursing degree from as long as you have your nursing degree. I've also heard a lot of people say that employers don't like to hire excelsior degree nurses. What is your opinion on this? Also, a lot of hospitals around here (where I would prefer to work) are really pushing for all of their new-hires to have their BSN, not just RN. I don't really want to get my BSN through an online college after I have my RN...but I don't know if traditional schools will accept an excelsior degree.

    I am afraid to take A&P online. I have taken a two-semester A&P course for my paramedic degree but I would need to re-take it. It'll take me a year (over a year now, since I couldn't register until at least summer or fall) to complete this at a traditional school. That means it'll be forever before I can start my nursing exams at excelsior. BUT...if I take A&P through excelsior...and I end up not doing well in the nursing program...my A&P's won't transfer back to a traditional school.

    I am just so overwhelmed with all of this, and all of the pros and cons. It's a lot of money for me to invest in this...but I have to work full-time to help support my family so I don't see any other way. This leaves me feeling very discouraged. I just know how hard all of you seem to be working at these degrees, and I just don't want to spend all of this time/money for nothing. Help
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    Hi Medicmom,

    I completely understand your worries and I think a lot of us have similar concerns but, have all bit the bullet and resorted to this program for one reason or another. It's true that MOST places do not care where your degree came from, as long as you have a valid license then you're good to go. One of the supervisors in the ER I currently work at is an Excelsior grad who had no issue being hired. With that said, I have already been told by a different local ER director she would never hire a person with an online degree, so every job could be different.
    As for not wanting to get your BSN online, realize that not just Excelsior does their BSN program online, so many colleges are doing an online BSN now. Most hospital based and community college nursing schools are ASN programs with no option for BSN. A lot of the RNs I work with are taking online BSN programs through places like Robert Morris University, Waynesburg College (which I do believe has a one day a week physical class), point being there are options.

    A&P and Micro is where things get rough. You are right that if you do any other program post Excelsior you will most likely have to retake these classes. You know that Excelsior is a 6 credit A&P class and most colleges require an 8 credit class. Micro is 3 credit most colleges require 4. Maybe taking the slower track and taking those classes at a community college would be a good idea? You can still take English, Sociology, Lifespan with Excelsior in the mean time to get yourself started.

    I wish I had something more supportive to say rather than validating your concerns, I have the same concerns on a day to day basis. I think about quitting this program every single day, I can't imagine graduating with a degree that people wont even recognize. Somehow I come up with a convoluted plan to talk myself into staying. I have even gone as far as telling myself I would retake year two at a community college post graduation, that's right I'd RETAKE NURSING SCHOOL, if it meant getting a stupid piece of paper that was more recognized by other college. I would have TWO ASN from two differnt colleges but, I will do whatever it takes to make a better life for my family. You will figure this out, good luck.
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    As a paramedic, EC was an awesome thing for me. It opened doors I never even knew existed. Is it too goofy to say it changed my life? Or maybe I should say I changed my life, but either way it's true. I became an RN in 2008, went to Chamberlain for the RN-BSN online and completed that in 2010, commissioned into the Army Nurse Corps in 2011, and now I'm a trauma nurse in Afghanistan (which is a great experience, but I'm ready to come home now!!).

    It seems like there are many LPN-RN bridges, but not so many P-RN at all. You're wise to think about your options! Personally I've never had a problem with employment, and now that I have 10,000+ hours of nursing under my belt, I think it's moot. If you can leverage relationships you have as a medic, that would probably help. We medic EC grads seem to do well in the ED, no surprise.

    Couple of links I like to pimp out:

    http://allnurses.com/excelsior-colle...ce-808335.html - a lot of basic info about EC's program

    http://allnurses.com/excelsior-colle...ng-884109.html - a look at the CPNE (clinical exam)

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now? - EC grads, where are they now? Possibly motivational and/or inspirational.
  5. by   Ultraposh
    I agree with Pixie.RN. Although I'm doing the program as a LPN, not a paramedic when I learned that paramedics can do the bridge program I thought that was amazing. From what Ive read there are a lot who do their credits at their community college. I cant because of work so I'm doing the Sciences through Excelsior as well as English and Info lit. Math through ALEKS and clepping everything else. Straighterline was once an option which included lab but Excelsior stopped accepting Straighterline a&p/micro ;(
  6. by   BrillyD
    If your ANP is less than 5 years old you shouldn't have to retake it, but as for the exam - if it's denied, appeal - because you've already had ANP it might not be so bad as it will be a review of what you had before. Also, online schools are the thing now and more and more colleges are and will be going to online or telecourses so the stigma of an online degree will be less every year until eventually it is the norm. Online courses save the colleges thousands because they can charge the same but not have to maintain a physical classroom - this is the future! Take a couple CLEP exams - like psychology or life span development - this will get you in the groove for online/self paced learning and might help you to relieve some of your anxiety - CLEPs are only about $80 and can be tested at a local college.
    Clep & Dsst exams accepted by EC section 3: