Need help!!! Go straight through Excelsior, or use DLS or RUE???

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    i have been an lpn for 20 years and i finally have decided to get my rn. i have been searching through the information out there about distance learning and it seems to be what i need. i can't decide whether to go through dls or rue, or just by pass them all together and go straight through excelsior. i need structure on the learning since it has been 20 years since i attended school. i want the best possible chance of success to get through the learning process. also, i have to take all the pre-requisite classes because i have no transferrable credits. so i have to take alot of complicated courses that i don't know anything about. i don't want to just read everything myself. i would get bored with it and become discouraged. any help with my problem would be greatly appreciated.
    thank you in advance!!!


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    Go straight through Excelsior. Look at their website for info. Contact an advisor at the school with any questions. You don't need to waste money on any contract with any of the publishing companies. There are many, many threads on this that have been written over the years.
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    Did you go straight through Excelsior. If so, can you elaborate on your experience. I want to make sure that I can have access to instructors, I need strong structure with timelines to get the studies done on time. I work full time and distance learning is what I need. I don't want to be just given the learning materials and feel like I am on my own. If I have questions about the materials, can I get my answers. I don't want to go about this blindly.
    Thank you for your response.
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    Dawn, the nature of the program is that it is self-study -- you are essentially on your own. The structure is largely up to you. The only exception is if you get in with a study group or a study buddy, but for the most part, it's self-teaching.
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    Well, Just thought I would pop in and update everyone on my school status. I enrolled in Excelsior College on 9/14/2012. YEY!!!! I finally made up my mind. In order to afford to go, I acquired a private student loan to help with the financing issues. After I enrolled, I came across this page on Excelsior's Website. About Test Preparation Services
    After I had enrolled with Excelsior, I was still debating back and forth with myself about going through them or Distance Learning Systems. But I had made up my mind to go all the way with Excelsior. Boy am I glad I did after reading that page. I had spoke to a representative from DLS and asked if they were accredited because he had me to believe they were a school and were affiliated with Excelsior. The letter he sent spoke all about Excelsior's accreditation and nothing about DLS.
    I felt as if he was trying to deceive me. From the information I found out on Excelsior's page I was right!!!

    Thank you all for responding to my post. WISH ME LUCK!!!!!
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    GOOD LUCK! And congratulations on enrolling!! So glad you didn't go with any of the '3rd party' services! They add thousands of dollars to the cost of your degree. And you saw that Excelsior specifically named The College Network in denying affiliation. So many of them try to make eager students believe that they are affiliated with Excelsior.

    Like Lunah said, you will create your own structure. Study partners, or encouragement from people on here will also help.

    Keep posting your successes, and CONGRATULATIONS!!

    p.s. I'm next... before Oct 1!!
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    You can also buy many of their books (TCN) from ebay; without contract.
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    I really like the StudyGroup101 Notes I bought on Ebay. They helped me stay focused. Also, the practice exams from Excelsior are a great tool to study from. good luck !
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    Hi Dawn.. I have tried the LPN to RN transition at a local college but with having a 9 year old and having to work it was not my best decision. I was hoping you could tell me how your experience with Excelsior college.. I would so appreciate your time and support.. Sincerely, Carmen Deas LPN over 12 years..
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    Hi Kitkat... Did you complete the Excelsior program and how was it? I have been considering it but really need some advice.. appreciate your time and support.. Sincerely, Carmen

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