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Hi Everyone! I am in need of some guidance from someone who is either enrolled or who recently graduated from Excelsior College. I just graduated from my LPN program in New Jersey and have not yet even taken my NCLEX, however I... Read More

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    I'm actually just going to Raritan Valley Community College. It may take a little longer but at least I can take spanish and be in a classroom enviornment. We'll see how it goes. Now the problem is do I wait until January to start classes so I can pass NCLEX and start a job? (so that way I can schedule classes around work) or do I start classes in August and then try and find work around class? I know the latter is more difficult, however I suppose either way it will be a challenge.

    Just also wanted to say that last night I officially graduated! It was a nice ceremony and it just fuels me to further my education and become the RN I want to be <3
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    A girl I work with uses TCN and she really likes them. I just bought the study guide from sg101 for tests 1&2 for 10$ and I have 3000 pages worth of material. That seems like a hard deal to beat for me. There are hundreds of questions to quiz yourself on.
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    When you have your RN and want to move onto the BSN look into Arizona State University RN_BSN program. It is excelent! I think EC has a great one also however I am doing ASU's and I am very pleased so far! Just passing on info!
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    I tried reading everything excelsior recommended for over a year and was just frustrated and getting no where so finally looked into ten, chancellors, and rueEd. I chose to go with rueEd and have not regretted it. They financed my testing fees too sp yeah I pay them $125 a month for a long time but I have their study guides great, have passed everything so far and when I want to take an exam just request fee from them and they send me a check. It takes a good three weeks to get exam fee but with carefu planning is ok. For me this was an affordable option.
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